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Post Bond Pierce Brosnan Looks the Sex

I'm jumping on the band wagon wishing Pierce Brosnan a happy 67th Birthday. This is going to be a short and sweet post highlighting some of my favourite photos from the PB FILES. An amazing [...]

The James Bond Collectibles on my Hitlist right now

I've just stumbled this wonderful website for estranged James Bond collectibles, titularly called Bond Collectibles. (Details in the footer). I've highlighted some of the clothes that have caught my eye, however there are numerous props, odds [...]

My First Bespoke Shirt with Frank Foster

Today I'm going to give you a quick run down on my first bespoke shirt that I had made at Frank Foster. Frank Foster made shirts for the first 3 James Bond actors as [...]

Sunspel Extend their Riviera Polo Range

Today I'm going to walk you through the two new Sunspel Riviera Polos that have been sent on to me by Sunspel. I've gone through the garments as Moneypenny would describe in 'nauseating detail' in [...]

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