The Book From Tailors With Love, An Evolution of Menswear through the Bond Films is now available to order through Amazon. Co-authored by myself and Matt Spaiser of Bond Suits, this book was a project that took nearly 4 years to complete.

Featuring interviews with brands and tailors, costume designers, directors all within the blood line of Bond, to give you the definitive story on how these clothes, suits and casuals came to be sheath our favourite fictional spy.


Merchandise for the show is now available through our RedBubble page. Thanks for your support, bless your heart. The best selling From Tailors With Love mug has been positively reviewed by all three of you that have bought it so far.


Other amazing stuff that you’ll buy, wear once and end up in landfill weeks later are available. Click below, literally endless amounts of merch. Actually I’m doing myself a disservice, I quite like the look of that Tote Bag.


And then there is the art. Look, as Bond would say, every man needs a hobby. The good stuff is drawn by my Mum. Such as the Henry Cavill ‘take it like a…) drawing below. Click here to shop.