Please find some posts of exhibitions or events that I’ve attended. Some will vary from exhibits such as Bond in Motion or launches such as the N.Peal 007 Collection. I look forward to more in 2021, maybe a press screening or two. Here’s hoping.

The Connaught | The Ultimate Bond Experience

“It’s all about details: Use quality ingredients and apply the right techniques that are definitely a good start. In terms of choice of Gin or Vodka and if bitters or not,  I think it is always [...]

How to Make a James Bond Turkish Coffee

In the movie from Russia With Love, James Bond responds to Kerim Bay’s invitation for coffee by saying, ‘medium sweet’. As a stiff ass Brit this has always been the cause for much confusion. What is medium [...]

A Guide To James Bond Cars – Bond In Motion

This is an article about James Bond Cars. It features original imagery taken from my visit to Bond in Motion in Covent Garden. The Aston Martin DB5 replaced the Bentley IV in Goldfinger. With 7.6mm front-wing machine [...]

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