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This is a blog, vlog and podcast dedicated to cinematic style and its surrounding themes. Featuring interviews with tailors, costume designers, menswear influencers and friends. We don’t intend to cover every film or list every product on screen. Just the ones we enjoy the most.


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Favourite Bond film: Live and Let Die

Favourite Non-Bond film: Today it’s Heat, tomorrow who knows.

Favourite Stylish film: Casino

Can I become a guest on your podcast? In all honesty, probably not.

What equipment do I use to record a podcast? MacBook Pro, Focusrite external Sound Card shop here, Rode NT1-A Vocal Recording pack (includes pop shield) shop here, Microphone Boom Scissor Arm shop here.

Who would you most like to interview on the podcast? Probably Richard Gere. And then I would patch my Mum in and tell her she’s on the phone to Richard Gere.