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This is a blog, vlog and podcast dedicated to cinematic style and its surrounding themes. Featuring interviews with tailors, costume designers, menswear influencers and friends. We don’t intend to cover every film or list every product on screen. Just the ones we enjoy the most. You’ll also be able to subscribe to a newsletter that will give you a round up of all the monthly content that we publish across our channels. As well as a monthly giveaway. Thanks for visiting and bless your heart. I am an Amazon Associate. I may receive commissions for certain purchases made through links in these posts.

Note on Amazon Links (pls read)

I have not included links to any frugal alternatives. Other sites do that much better than me, and it’s not really my thing. I may on the rare occasion link to an alternative where the original is no longer available and should I believe it be a sustainable choice (No Dr Evil Polyester Boiler suits for Halloween for example). You’ll actually find more links to books and films than clothes. I have spent some considerable time researching and recommending “further reading”. (More than I’m willing to let on to Anastasia). I have only linked to books from which the films are based, autobiographies or highly reviewed biographies.

Occasionally I will link to a book on the theme of the film that will be of interest to me. (A good example of this will be recommending an Art Heist book for the film The Thomas Crown Affair). On even rarer occasions I might recommend the soundtrack to the movie or a Vintage Poster that I like the look of. These are all personal choices, it won’t be for everyone. When I mention “In My Collection” it means I’m recommending something I have already purchased. I have linked to Blu Rays as that is how I like to view my media if it’s not on any of the streaming platforms to which I have subscribed. (Amazon, Sky, Netflix, BBC).

I will also aim to include all the Amazon links at the footer of the articles under a heading “Shopping List”. 

Lastly (Sorry to go on)

The Amazon Associates is not a get rich quick scheme for me, far from it. It’s just a way for me to hopefully pay some server fees and keep all the other content such as podcasts, free for you to enjoy. The links are a reflective after thought on where to take the discussion next. The articles are not inspired by, driven nor written with the intent of monetisation. If this is conflicting with any intellectual property laws I am unaware of please email me. I will happily discuss and remove content if necessary.


From Tailors With Love is not represented, endorsed, sponsored or supported by EON, MGM, Danjaq or any other 3rd party.


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Favourite Bond film: Live and Let Die

Favourite Non-Bond film: Today it’s Heat, tomorrow who knows.

Favourite Stylish film: Casino. 

What equipment do I use to record a podcast?

Who would you most like to interview on the podcast? Probably Richard Gere. And then I would patch my Mum in and tell her she’s on the phone to Richard Gere.

Where can I listen to the podcast? Simply put From Tailors With Love in your app where you listen to podcasts and we will come up.