Article by Daniel Gaster.

They’ll probably last me another 10 years at this rate, maybe even longer?

James Bond wears the Agnelle James gloves during his visit to Austria in Spectre. He first wears these when he goes to see The Pale King (aka Mr White) in Altaussee and then when he goes to find Madelene Swann in Sölden.

Purchase Date: January 2016

The look

These gloves are a lambskin leather, quilted (unlike the Dents ‘Daniel’ or ‘Fleming’) with an alpaca lining and the current version (not mine) have digitally sensitive thumb and index fingers for smartphone usage.

The back of the hand has a checked stitched pattern, where the palm side is plain, with a palm vent and an elasticated wrist.

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Agnelle Daniel Craig Spectre

Bond wearing Agnelle James Gloves in Spectre (2015)

In the bag

I bought these direct from the Agnelle website back in 2016. I don’t recall if they came in a box. If they did, then I didn’t keep it.

However, the gloves did come in a maroon drawstring bag. Which I did retain, to keep the gloves in when not in use. They were also supplied with card inserts to keep the gloves in the right shape, which I put back in when I put the glove away.


It’s all in the wrist

Before ordering I made sure to measure up and went for a size 8, which provides me with a close fit with my hands. What I really like about them is the feel. There is no slipping, they stay in place when I wear them, and I feel like I have full range of motion and the ability to use my hands.

In the past with gloves, I have felt that I lose some sense of feeling or ability to do things because of the amount of lining. With these I feel like I still have the ability to use my hands without having to take them off.

The only problem I have with them (which has now been rectified with the latest version) is that I have to take them off to use my phone.

These gloves do keep your hands warm. I have worn them is in the cold winter climates of the UK, during the snowy and icy conditions and my hands have kept nice and toasty. I also find that they have a good amount of grip to them, so things don’t slide out of my hands.

Agnelle gloves

Some versatility

Although I don’t think these gloves look as smart as those supplied by Dents, I think these are an acceptable glove to use for both smart and casual outfits. During the colder winter months, I have replaced my unlined Dents Daniel gloves from Skyfall with these to wear with my smarter attire.

I don’t think they look out of place when I’m wearing them with a suit and an overcoat, which gives them a little more versatility. Although I’m more likely to be wearing them with casual outfits though when out and about in the colder climates.

Agnelle Gloves

Purchase Price: £103

A good all rounder

I think these Agnelle gloves provide a good all-round experience. They fit well, keep your hands warm and provide a good amount of grip.  Now that they have digital sensitive fingers, you don’t even have to take them off to use your phone.

5 years in, there is little sign of any wear and tear. They don’t look like I’ve worn them very much, but I have! A great investment for your hands for those cold winter months.


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