Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 068).

Like most Quantum pieces (screen accurate or reproductions), the jacket has a classic style, which works with a lot of different smart casual options. Field Report: 068

Bolivia Jacket Quantum of Solace comparison

Quantum of Solace (Tom Ford on the right, Royale Filmwear alternative on the left).

Set up

In Quantum of Solace, following suspension by M, Bond is out on his own. Well not quite on his own. He is still with former Bolivian Intelligence Office Camille Montes.

The Bolivia jacket is first seen when Bond meets up with CIA Officer Felix Leiter at a bar in Bolivia. He wears the jacket with a navy TOM FORD Polo (seen also in Haiti, 7 for all mankind Mercer bootcut jeans and Church’s Ryder 3 Boots).

The next day Bond is seen wearing the same outfit at the Perla de las Dunas hotel, with the addition of the TOM FORD TF 108 sunglasses. Following this encounter, the jacket comes away battle damaged, as does most of the rest of the outfit.

Bolivia Jacket front

Model: Bolivia Jacket. Manufacturer: Royale Filmwear reproduction of TOM FORD Harrington

The Bolivia Jacket

The Bolivia Harrington jacket I have is now 8 years old, and probably the most frequently worn jacket I have. It is light weight, can be screwed up and put in a bag and comes out ready to wear.

I think it’s such a good jacket. It can dress up a casual outfit, and dress down a smart one, but retain an element of elegance to it.

The jacket has a double zipper front, two front pockets with a button and loop closure and two internal pockets, one of which is zipped. The familiar single button Harrington collar, an adjustable waistband, and buttoned cuffs.

Having never seen the TOM FORD original, I can’t compare them like for like, but I believe David Zaritsky has done that in the past, and possibly more than once.

As previously mentioned in my report on the Haiti Jacket, I had bought two navy jackets prior to my Royale version, one of which was a Ted Baker (a brand used in Casino Royale). I was trying to emulate the Quantum look, but they never quite felt or looked right. They were nice jackets but didn’t have the right look, the way I wanted them to.

Purchase Date: April 2015

I come from a land down under

Getting the Royale Jacket was worrying, as it ships from Australia. I was worried about the sizing being off, or how I’d have to return it if the fit wasn’t right. I followed the sizing instructions on the Royale Filmwear site, so was confident that it would be okay, but you always do have a little doubt when ordering from somewhere for the first time.

When the package arrived, I was very happy to have taken the plunge. The jacket was slightly creased from its travels, but it fitted me perfectly. Once a little steam was applied, the jacket looked spot on to the images that you see posted on the TOM FORD version.

Purchase Price: $189 (USA)

A good all rounder

It’s such a versatile jacket to have. It goes with t-shirts, polos, and shirts. Trousers, chinos, and jeans. Trains, shoes, and boots. I’m not saying you couldn’t find something hideous to wear with it and it would make it look less bad. But it goes well with all the basics.

It’s great to have in the boot of the car, just in case. I’ve used it to dress down a little, taking off my suit jacket and tie, and putting this on to meet friends for a casual drink and not looking too formal.

Although not a winter coat, it can help defend a little from the chill of a wind. Or a light shower by fastening the collar.

Also (if you have them) it protects the clothes you’re wearing under the jacket from the various things that come from your baby/toddler. Most things have just wiped away with a damp cloth.

Product age: 8 year 10 months

We’ve made some improvements.

Over 8 years, I’ve read about a number of minor tweaks that have been made by Daniel, all of which have probably improved the jacket. I can’t say. But for my jacket it remains a firm favourite for everyday casual wear, and when it does reach the end, well I expect I’ll be getting the one with the improved specs.

If you are looking for a jacket from Quantum, then this one, as well as the Haiti jacket are items that you cannot go wrong with. AND either one will serve you well.

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