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Lindy Hemming on that white shirt

Costume Designer for Casino Royale Lindy Hemming, spoke about the white shirt that was made for James Bond in the Blu Ray Commentary.

‘Here we’ve got Daniel Craig arriving at the one and only tub. And he’s wearing kind of slightly uncharacteristic shirt but the reason he’s wearing it is because we have to confuse him in a minute with a security guard. So we designed a shirt for him and had it made and we kind of added the epaulets he is meeting up here was to sort of barely carry cartoonish German tourists we’re about to go off to play golf.

This is one of the first times in this film that we’ve seen him looking at all tailored when he steps off the airplane, you see that he’s already just starting his smart look. Whereas before is always been really rough, looking.

This shirt, you can’t buy it, it was made specially for him. And it’s made of Indian cotton, lightweight, with a bit of a pattern to give it a bit of texture when you’re looking at the film. And of course as you can see, we’ve cut the sleeves so that they come to the optimum part on his arm. I think it looks quite sexy, even though it’s something akin to a uniform shirt.’

White Shirt daniel craign casino royale

What’s Bond doing?

He’s watching the security cameras for a couple arriving now which is Demetrius and his wife, Solange. And they are I had to dress them as the stereotypical ‘new money on holiday in the Bahamas’ couple. And she wears a Perla top which is falling off her sort of busty a underneath and we’re setting her up in Gucci trousers and high heels.

Were setting her up to be a little bit sexy, a little bit naughty, I think. And certainly with a lot of new money or a lot of ill gotten gained money. And Dimitrios is very similar. We made all his suits and he’s wearing a suit of silk and linen suit. And I’d say not a very not a very tasteful combination of colours.

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