Daniel Craig's Physique

Screen shot from Bond Suits. Com

Was Daniel Craig’s Physique a problem when it came to the suits of Casino Royale?

In Minute 29 of Casino Royale, Matt Spaiser from Bond Suits and I discuss whether Daniel Craig’s Physique was problematic. Specifically we break down the grey linen suit seen when Bond arrives in the Bahamas.

Matt: Let’s say the suit is from Brioni. It’s made of grey linen, but very pale grey linen. It’s a very unique suit in the series in that it’s a single breasted suit with peak lapels. And that’s something that only we only see one other time in Spectre. That that makes the suit stand out quite a lot to me. Now, I love that. So here, he’s removed the suit jacket. He has the shirt and just the suit trousers that doesn’t often work stylistically, because often suits are just too formal to lose one of the pieces. But with linen suits that works beautifully.

A Natural

Matt cont: He looks natural in this suit. So I’m a fan of this look that he’s wearing here. Without the suit jacket, I like it. With the suit jacket, too. They’re both great. There’s only one issue I have with this outfit, it’s the belt and the shoes. He’s wearing a black belt and brown shoes. That’s kind of like style 101 you don’t do that. And there’s no reason for that here. There’s no reason why he couldn’t be wearing a brown belt. He could have worn black shoes with the gray suit. Although I think the brown shoes work better once he’s removed the jacket.

Daniel Craig's Physique looks good in shirt doing up shoe laces

ME: Did Daniel Craig slim down for Quantum of Solace and is that why the suits fit him better in that film?

Matt: Yeah, here (in Casino Royale) Lindy has widened the shoulders so the sleeves can drape cleanly. The sleeves are somewhat full cut because they need to fit over his large muscles. And the trousers are wide because they need to balance the silhouette of the jacket. So Lindy has put a lot of thought into this silhouette to making sure that everything looks as balanced as possible. She might have overcompensated for some of it. But I think that it’s a valid approach to addressing Daniel Craig.

He looks good in this shirt. However, Daniel Craig’s Physique create a bit of an issue with the fit of the suits. Because it’s very difficult to tailor suits around muscles and make them look elegant.

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