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– Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 066).

Like most Quantum pieces (screen accurate or reproductions), the jacket has a classic style, which works with a lot of different smart casual options.

Quantum of Solace: Daniel Craig wears the Tom Ford

Quantum of Solace (2008) Daniel Craig wears a Tom Ford Y3 jacket

ROYALE Filmwear

Daniel Love’s Royale Filmwear reproduces some of Daniel Craig’s best loved and much sought after sartorial items, unattainable for most. Although I’ve been fortunate to get many of the screen accurate items over the last decade (that makes me feel old), when Quantum of Solace came out there was little to no hope of me getting some of these items.

Resources such Bond Lifestyle, or the Bond Experience where either unknown to me, or just nor around. Even if they were, financially I just wouldn’t have been able to afford it. It has not only allowed me, but many other fans who loved these looks get as close to a screen accurate item, and at a reasonable price!

Royale Filmwear Reproduction of Y3 Jacket

Royale Filmwear Reproduction of Y3 Jacket

Most items that Daniel has sold in the past are still available, possibly with a few minor modifications that have been made along the way to the ones that I own.


In Quantum of Solace, Bond has been assigned to get information from Edmund Slate regarding the little-known organisation that Mr White and Craig Mitchell worked for. Unfortunately for Bond, Slate hears him coming and attacks, unfortunately for Slate, Bond kills him, but not before picking up a minor injury to his arm.

Bond ransacks through Slate’s hotel wardrobe, firstly for something to use as a bandage, and secondly for something to cover up the injury from the public, not to mention the holes in his TOM FORD polo.

He finds a Y3 black jacket which he uses to cover over his injury and makes a swift exit, picking up the room key as he leaves. He wears the Y3 jacket over a TOM FORD polo, with cream Levi’s 306 STA-PREST jeans, a black Prada belt and Church’s Ryder 3 boots in brown suede.

The Jacket

Now I don’t have the Y3 jacket to compare to, this isn’t a report into how close the jacket is to the original, it’s how well it’s held up since the day it arrived, over 6 years ago!

It’s done very well. It’s lightweight enough that I can fold it up and put it into a backpack, and it doesn’t crease too much when I unfold it. In addition it looks smart over a shirt or polo.

Weather wise it works well in a rain shower, and it has been subjected to some downpours. The Throat strap (which fastens to a hidden button under the right collar) reduces much of the water going down. The elasticated waist band provides a good enclosure to stop most water from getting in.

ROYALE Filmwear QOS jacket on a hangar

Colour: Black

Other worthy features of the jacket are the waistband that has an adjustable button fastening, working button cuffs, large collar, double zip fastening, two exterior hand pockets, and two interior pockets, one of which is zipped.

Mission: Playground

I’d wear the jacket in the cooler months. Certainly the Spring, Autumn, cooler summer days, and warmer winter days maybe. Like most Quantum pieces (screen accurate or reproductions), the jacket has a classic style, which works with a lot of different smart casual options. Although I tend to wear it with black shoes or boots rather than brown, most likely the Crockett & Jones Tetbury boots.

Purchase Date: March 2017

I tend to wear Polo shirts and T-shirts under this jacket with either jeans or chinos.  I bought a size M which fitted my 40-inch chest at the time. (I’m no longer a 40-inch). It has a slim fit to it, so I could get away with wearing a thin jumper (like a John Smedley Bobby) but nothing chunky.

I don’t tend to wear smart trouser or shirts with this, as to me, this is more of a casual jacket that elevates the outfit to form a smart appearance but still remaining casual.

Purchase Price: $199 (USA)

Of late I’ve been wearing it to take my son to the park which has a playground and sandpit. There is a lot of lifting and caring involved when he’s not toddling about, so the jacket is taking the brunt from his shoes.

The dirt and sand just wipe away without any issues. Very practical when trying to stay tidy on a mission, or with a toddler, and I feel I maintain a smart appearance while dressed deliberately casually.

Product age: 6 year 6 months

Nothing comes close.

I bought this jacket around 9 years after Quantum of Solace was released, in that time I bought two similar jackets to the TOM FORD Harrington from the end of the film, but I never found anything close enough to the Y3 jacket that I purchased.

This, on rotation with my other jackets, gets worn frequently. It’s a solid jacket that doesn’t hurt the wallet too much, and for 6 years use, plus many more to come, it has been a sound investment to get a Quantum look. Despite the cats and the 15-month-old, the jacket is still in good condition and holds up well to all that’s been thrown at it.

Currently (Early September when writing this) the jacket is showing as coming soon, for $189 USD, not only is the jacket still available, but it’s also $10 cheaper than 6 years ago! For those who still pine for a Quantum look but don’t want to pay Quantum prices, it is worth look at Royale Filmwear’s online store.


Article by Daniel Gaster. Be sure to follow Daniel on Instagram.