Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 069).

…it should be more of a practical item that Bond uses, so that he can keep a firm grip on things… 

Daniel Craig No Time to Die in army gear and touch screen gloves

Daniel Craig No Time to Die (2019) (Photo rights EON Productions)

The Last Stand

Daniel Craig’s Bond bows out in No Time To Die by destroying Safin’s facility that is mass producing the Heracles nanobot virus. As part of his combat outfit, which includes the N. Peal Navy Army sweater, Rag & Bone Henley, N.Peal Combat trousers and Danner Tanicus boots, Bond is also wearing the Mil-Tec touch screen gloves.

Manufacturer: Mil-Tec

Bargain item, or Basement item

I bought these touch screen gloves from Amazon for £20 (currently at £14), so they are not a luxury item. BUT it should be more of a practical item that Bond uses, so that he can keep a firm grip on things. He should also be able to use touchscreen technologies, such as smartphones, tablets, without the need to remove his gloves.

In theory as the virus is transferred through touch by the skin, keeping his hands covered should hopefully add a little protection, not knowing what he’d find in the labs.

Sadly these gloves are not overly practical. At least not with the smartphones. I used these early on when I bought them, and my smartphone kept slipping through them. They didn’t provide much grip at all for the glass cased phone.

touch screen gloves

Purchase Price: £20 Model: Men’s Touch Screen Gloves

Not for the cold of heart

They are also very thin, so if you are looking for gloves for cold weather, these aren’t them either I’m afraid. How they hold up utilising weaponry, well I don’t know, I don’t own any, so I cannot comment on the practicality for their use. I can tell you that I’ve hardly worn them over the years, and they only see the light of day on the rare occasion I go climbing.

If you want to get a bargain, and complete the look, then for £20, it’s not going to break the bank.

For something more practical, I’d suggest looking at The North Face, where I got some touchscreen gloves when they were first a thing. They grip to things, and have a certain level of warmth, I still use them on occasion.

More luxury, then Dents, who do the Daniel Gloves, and the Fleming Driving Gloves also have done ranges with touchscreen technology within them.

Purchase Date: July 2020 Colour: Black