Spectre: 2015

– Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 067).

The whole of the last winter, I was wearing this coat..

Daniel Love’s Royale Filmwear has been around for a while now. Reproducing some Daniel Craig’s best loved sartorial items that have been much sort after, but unattainable for most. In this report, I’m reviewing the Altaussee Jacket from Spectre, which I purchased back in 2016. It is a replica of the Dior Homme jacket which Bond wore in Altaussee when looking for the ‘Pale King’, Mr White.

The original Dior Jacket from Spectre

The original Dior Jacket from Spectre

This jacket, from memory, was the first version released, which is why the colour of my version looks different to the versions that have come after.

The current version’s colour is more screen accurate to the first version. However, I do like the colour. It reminds me of the blue worn by Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Jacket from Spectre selfie

Manufacturer: ROYALE Filmwear’s – Altaussee Jacket from Spectre, A reproduction of the Dior Coat


In SPECTRE, Bond went looking for Mr White after attending a SPECTRE meeting in Rome in which his code name was mentioned, and intelligence provided by Moneypenny identified the former Quantum operative.

Bond dresses warmly as he is travelling over snow, he wears the Dior Coat over an N. Peal Cable Roll Neck Cashmere Sweater, Agnelle ‘James’ gloves, Neil Barrett dark grey puppytooth trousers (I believe), and Danner Mountain Lite Boots.

Model: Altaussee Jacket

The coat

This jacket from Spectre, although I think more like a coat, is the warmest thing I own! This thing is padded and keeps me toasty when the temperature goes into negative digits. This is a winter coat that goes well with everything!

The details, primarily you’ll notice the offset placket closure, on the wearers right-hand side, with a 5-button closure, with is a single zip fastening going over the top of the button closure.

The coat has exterior hand warmer pockets behind two pouch pockets with poppers on, and both cuffs have zipper fastenings.

Colour: Blue

Under the left collar is a detachable throat strap, which attaches to large button on the front of both collar sides, on the inside, at the back are smaller buttons to attach a faux super beaver.

On the inside of the coat, you’ll find that there are two vertical breast pockets, so lots of storage options with the coat. It is also very well insulated. I do like my coats to have lots of pockets, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Purchase Date: May 2016

A go to for winter weather

This is a really nice coat, but only comes out when it is really cold. I don’t tend to wear this until then as it can get rather warm wearing the coat. Even just under a shirt. I tend to wear something like the Billy Reid Peacoat or the ROYALE Harrington or Haiti Jacket when the weather cold but not quite Artic.

The whole of the last winter, I was wearing this coat, and not only did I feel comfortable walking outside in the brutal cold of last winter (at least that’s the way I remember it), I was warm, and I think the coat stands out, it is a fairly unusual design.

From memory I think they only made a handful of these, maybe 20? I know Z (@tieanotherday on IG) has one of them, and his review can be found here on From Tailors with Love.

Purchase Price: $249 (USA)

The other reason it stands out is the colour, which I’ve already mentioned.  I think of this as maybe a royal blue, rather than the dark blue/navy. But it adds a pop which I didn’t expect, which has now been toned down on later versions, much more similar to what the original looked like.

My coat feels like it’s 100% wool, but again later versions have been updated to be cashmere/wool mix. I took a look for a care tag in coat, to see what instructions or makeup of the coat is. But there’s nothing there to tell me for sure.

It goes well with most winter weather choices, I can wear casual trousers, dark jeans, different jumper options, including some chunky options, such as the aforementioned N. Peal Cable Roll Neck. It seems to be something that goes well with mostly everything, in my opinion.

Final thoughts

This coat steadily made it up to my preferred winter coat for casual attire. Over 7 winters it has kept me nice and warm in cold harsh winters of the UK and will continue to do so for an eighth winter this year.

There is little wear and tear from the coat, maybe because it’s my winter season go to.t gets very little wear time through the rest of the year. But it really is a fantastic coat.

It’s renewed version (the 2023) is still available in all sizes (as of October 2023), at $259 USD (plus shipping and handling fees from Australia) it is a bargain winter coat that will last you for years. This would be an ideal gift for any Bond lover, especially the few that really like SPECTRE!