There was one shot that somebody put up where it was the backside of Daniel Craig and just the shading of that denim, I know it like the back of my hand.

Bahzad Trinos (Sales Manager at Naked and Famous Denim)

Naked and Famous Denim No Time To Die

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What jeans does James Bond wear in No Time To Die?

Answer – Tom Ford for the Jamaica scenes and his voyage to Cuba, and… Naked and Famous Denim for when he returns to London and gets his V8 Aston Martin from the garage. He has paired those with Palladium Boots and a Rogue Territory jacket.

For an episode of the podcast I spoke to Bahzad Trinos, sales manager at Naked and Famous Denim about the brand and their inclusion in No Time To Die. Below are some transcribed moments.

Introducing Naked and Famous Denim

BT: (Bahzad Trinos) we’re a small Canadian brand. We make jeans and workwear and shirts. One of the things that that draws a lot of attention to us is that we do all of our fabric production in Japan. We make a lot of specialty denim fabrics we do a lot of innovative and fun and interesting fabrics. Yeah we like to play a lot with denim.

We do all of our fabric production in Japan and we import it to Canada. We have our own factory in fact, we have the last remaining jeans factory in Canada. Our products aren’t inexpensive but we’re one of the best priced in our category out there. We really try to deliver a lot of value for for your money.

PB: (Me Peter Brooker) when did you join and what do you do?

BT: The brand started in February 2008 I was the first employee employee there in January 2010 and my role there is practically everything. I mean everything from fabric development to you collection design. I do wholesale, I manage our retail or retail team.  We have a store in Montreal we have a store in New York City. I do the website, content creation, do the YouTube videos, do the live streams. I mop the floors I move the inventory around whatever it takes, I do it.

Naked and Famous Denim No Time To Die

Are you sure? …

PB: How do we know that they’re actually Naked and Famous Denim?

BT: To be fair, I don’t actually actually know. But from the images that I’ve seen – I’m pretty good at recognising our jeans. There was one shot that somebody put up where it was the backside of Daniel Craig and just the shading of that denim, I know it like the back of my hand. That fabric has been used in other American movies and different productions that have used that jean quite often.

It’s a very nondescript jean. We don’t have any like logos or anything on our Naked & Famous Denim jeans, so they often get used in a lot of film production. There’s also a leather patch shot and I know the size of our leather patch. The shading really lined up with the way our logo is designed in our rivets also. The rivet placement and the colour of the rivets. I’m fairly confident for that to be for them to be our jeans.


The ‘Weird Guy‘ Stretch Selvedge Denim has since been confirmed as the correct jean. Naked & Famous were able to confirm the sale with the sales person and the costume department. 

No Time to Die Naked and famous Denim

The Weird Guy Stretch Selvedge Denim

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PB: talk about some of the prices.

BT: so our range is about 140 US dollars to about 170 180 US dollars and that’s about 80% of the of the things that we make. We’re not inexpensive but the quality that we produce; Japanese selvedge, all Canadian cut, when you mix those two things together plus our proprietary fabrics, nobody else does it the way we can do it.

When did Bond start wearing jeans?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen James Bond in jeans. Here’s Daniel Gaster with a quick insert.

In Quantum of Solace Bond wears a pair of Mercer jeans from Seven For All Mankind. And then in Skyfall, he was in AllSaints, and AG jeans, but they’re chords rather than jeans.

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