This is a timely review of the Rogue Territory Tan Ridgeline Jacket that you’ll see Daniel Craig wear as James Bond in No Time to Die. I think in the community this has become known as the Garage Jacket.

Rogue Territory jacket


I am 5,6′ maybe 5.7 on a good day in heels. But my chest is a 36.5 top and I’m 31 bottom. As you can see, this fits like a charm. (This is a size small). I can even layer this with a t-shirt and a N.Peal No Time to Die military sweater underneath.

Its a slim fitting jacket, so you might also want to consider what your personal preference is with regards to how you like to wear your jackets. If you like a bit more room, want to do some jumping jacks, then maybe push for a medium if you’re between sizes.

Can I wear it in the Summer?

Believe you’ll sweat your balls off in this think. It can be quite uncomfortable. It’s not a summer jacket nor does it pretend to be.

I’ve been wearing this now religiously since September (2020) and it needs a couple of wears to bed in. It does relent, it’s rigid and boxy when it arrives but it will mould to your body.

It’s a very warm canvas material, it has quite a bit of weight to it. 10z.

Is it Waterproof?

It’s water resilient! The resilience on it is actually pretty good. I’ve worn in out in the rain a bunch of times and it’s faired very well. I know on the RGT website it says don’t dip this into water. The wetter you get the jacket the less resilient it will become over time.

However, I live in the UK, its rains a lot and you might get caught in every now and again. I was out in the consistent english rain for about 20 minutes and it will absorb some water, it’s not a macintosh. But generally I’m quite happy to wear this out for rainy dog walks.

UPDATE courtesy of Larry Trotter

LT: In your review of the RGT Tan Ridgeline Supply Jacket, you requested that if anyone had information on waxing the jacket to maintain its water resistance, it should be sent to you. You may already have this information, but I thought I would send to you just in case you didn’t. I wrote to RGT in November 2020 asking for guidance on waxing their jacket. The email below was their response from Nov 13, 2020.

Hi Larry, The mill that we source the fabric from uses Martexin wax, which I think you can find on Amazon. Another popular choice is Filson wax. Thank you!

Click to watch the Vlog

Jacket Details

Ok lets look at some of the details here close up. Western Yoke pattern across the shoulders. Single Stitching on either side of where the pattern parts meet, which you’d expect with a fabric this dense. The bottom hem is not elasticated.

The working cuff has a single button and I love this, branded with two feathers. And on the back you have the RGT an abbreviation of Rogue Territory.

Rogue Territory buttons

Pockets and Zips

The accent we mentioned. The side pockets you can get your whole hand in there. No zips which is good. Not a fan of zips on skirt pockets. The breast pocket is open, enough room to shove an iPhone 7. You have one inside pocket on the other breast, again enough room for your blower.

Unsure on..

Some contrast piping which is neat. Care label, don’t wash, don’t dry clean. So this will be like a Barbour Jacket you can just get it rewaxed.

The one thing I didn’t spot on the website are rewaxing kits. I may have missed something with that. I know with Barbour the company will rewax them for you. If anyone has got any extra info on that I’d be interested. Please contact me.

Rogue Territory stitching

It’s a man’s world

One thing I might say, this is very much a mans jacket. At least in my house. Anastasia likes the jacket on me, but has no interest in stealing it for herself. Which is good news.

Available to buy?

Yes currently in stock on the RGT site for $295 as of November 2020.

Further Reading

You’ll find two very comprehensive reviews on this Rogue Territory Jacket, as well as an interview with one of the founders Carl, over on my good friend David Zaritsky’s site, The Bond Experience.