I do wear them when I’ve gone out suited and booted, with both day and evening suits, with white and light blue shirts.

– Article by Daniel Gaster.

Deakin & Francis cufflinks in a box

Purchase Date: January 2020

Classic piece

Anthony Sinclair collaborates once again to bring back a classic piece. This time with Deakin & Francis in re-creating the cufflinks wore by Sean Connery’s James Bond in both Dr No and in Goldfinger.

Bond’s first ever onscreen appearance (for EON) in Dr No is at Le Cercle at the Les Ambassadeurs Club. He is dressed in a midnight blue shawl collar evening suit by Anthony Sinclair, a pleated dress shirt with double cuffs held together by these cufflinks and diamond pointed bow tie. Here he is playing a game of chemin de fer before being called away to meet with M.

Deakin & Francis Dr No Sean Connery Cufflinks

Sean Connery in Dr No (1962)

Where next?

We next see these cufflinks in Goldfinger, where the entirety of Bond’s shirts was double cuffed. For the most part Bond wears these with his day suits. They can be clearly seen with his navy flannel suit, his tweed jacket and twill trousers, the grey glen check three-piece suit and brown suit. It’s likely that they are worn for the others suits as well.

Deakin & Francis cufflinks unboxed

Manufacturer: Anthony Sinclair/Deakin & Francis

The Design

These inspired cufflinks are described as being “Engine-turned square cushion, Rounded corners, Chain-linked to torpedo shaped bar”. They are made from sterling silver and plated with rose gold.

Addition items

As well as bringing out cufflinks in this style, a tie slide and money clip also accompanied the release in the Rose Gold. All three were also available in Sterling Silver.

Deakin & Francis back engraved

Model: Engine-Turned Cufflinks – Colour: Rose Gold

A little tricky

The original price I have noted was £244, but by the time I went to purchase them they had increased to £390. Just my luck, however I did receive a Christmas Card just prior from Mason & Sons with a Holiday discount code, so I ended up paying £312.

Read our interview with David Mason of Mason & Sons in the book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, available on Amazon.

I got these in January 2020, so I did get to wear them in the office when that was still a thing. I liked the way they look; they are a little trickier to put into your cuffs than the S.T Dupont Cufflinks. Being on a chain does add an additional complexity to get them in, but once they are in, I think they look superb.

Purchase Price: £312


They come in an elegant Deakin & Francis box, where the cufflinks are attached to the lid, which opens and curls down. It’s the same box as if you purchased from Deakin & Francis directly. These cufflinks are only available through Mason & Sons. Like the Kingsman cufflinks, the Deakin & Francis make are only available on Mr Porter.

Current Price: £390

Worn out

Now as you’ll see from my pictures, the cufflinks have scratched slightly from wear. And I’ve not worn them a lot due to home-based working. But this is a result from working at a desk on a keyboard a lot, which marked the cufflinks on the first wear.

When I did work in an office, I used to wear the same cufflinks for the week. After the week I notice the slight marks.

I’ve not noticed this so much with my S.T. Dupont cufflinks, which are made of palladium. Which is a much stronger metal than the Rose Gold plating.

Daniel Gaster wearing the S.T Dupont Cufflinks (scratched)

S.T Dupont Cufflinks from Casino Royale

Don’t stop me now

This hasn’t stopped me wearing them. However, I now tend to wear them now when it is unlikely for me to be on a keyboard. So, I’m not wearing them right now for instance while writing up this field report.

I do wear them when I’ve gone out suited and booted, with both day and evening suits, with white and light blue shirts. I really do like these cufflinks, and continue to wear them, although less often now. However, they are a fantastic addition to any Connery fan’s collection.

At present Mason & Sons are releasing 60 pieces inspired by 60 years of Bond, and these cufflinks are still available in the Rose Gold.

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