On the podcast this week we speak to Henry Rose, bespoke tailor to the stars. He has tailored the likes of Madonna, Grace Jones (apparently all legs) and Mike Tyson (also all legs). Join Matt Spaiser from Bond Suits and I as we get to know Henry and hear the journey of this legendary Savile Row tailor.

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I asked her (Madonna) will she actually be shooting in this suit. Madonna replied “That’s the most chauvinistic thing I’ve ever heard”. It was the furthest thing from my mind. It was a pertinent question. I love her. I said within the film I’m a massive fan of hers, I’ve loved her ever since I saw her. I’ve fitted her since for other things. I think she’s forgiven me. – Henry Rose

We also chat to James Davies from Do You expect me to Talk. He recalls a chance encounter with Madonna at a press screening.

There was this stairwell, I waited in there. I was in there for 20 minutes. The door opened and I saw Madonna coming down, I thought here is my moment. She came down, I said ‘Madonna I’m so sorry to bother you I would like to ask you a few questions,’ she looked at me, she looked at the chap she was with, and she said, “can you believe this young man asked me a question?” – James Davies

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Matt Spaiser can be found on Instagram here. Henry Rose is available for appointments through Mason & Sons. James Davies can be found on Instagram here.


I penned a short skit for Paul Lally who does the wonderful Sean Connery impressions. Sadly, he didn’t have time. But here it is, to be read in a Connery accent of course.

I remember seeing Madonna in Die Another Day, I thought she was fantastic. The keeping your tip up line I remember I thought that was wonderful. The song she wrote also I believe.
But of course, I’ve been acutely aware of Madonnas acting abilities for some time. I can’t tell you amount of times I’ve seen Body of Evidence. Especially when Michelline goes out to buy the groceries. Take your time Micheline I say. I think you understand where I’m coming from.
Body of Evidence is an incredibly powerful movie, her character is so rich, so well written and the way she pours that candle-wax on the nipples of William Dafoe, I can only imagine the kind of training she must have had.
A little known known fact I was originally offered the role but I turned it down. So they ended it up giving it to Madonna. Which I know must have come to a huge relief to William Dafoe.
I went on to do Medicine Man, that was a movie about where I play an eccentric scientist. You can tell I’m eccentric because I have a pony tail that runs down to my knees. I find the cure for cancer in the Amazon jungle, but then I lose it.
And then someone wants to build a road through my laboratory. Which was really a tree house. I know, it sounds terrible. But hey, would you rather see William Dafoe shove his fist up my arse. I think you should be thanking me.