It is a soft material and feels good worn over bare skin. It is a great versatile layering piece, and you can see why it has been used for multiple outfits for the film.

– Article by Daniel Gaster.

Daniel Gaster wearing the Rag & Bone henley with duster jacket

A few outings

We see this Rag & Bone Classic Henley at least twice that we know of in No Time to Die. Once in Norway with the Massimo Alba Rain 2 Duster coat, the Massimo Alba Mauko trousers and the Crockett & Jones Molton boots. The second is underneath the N. Peal Army Jumper with matching N.Peal combat trousers, both times with the Vuarnet Edge 1613 sunglasses.

Rag & Bone henley flat lay

Purchase Date: April 2020

The purchase

Although Rag & Bone has been a staple of Daniel Craig’s clothing for many years, this is the first time that we see Bond wear them. Although British GQ did report some Rag & Bone jeans being used for Spectre which never materialised in the film. As I had purchased the N. Peal jumper a few months prior and saw this item was going to be used in multiple outfits I thought it would be worth a punt.

Manufacturer: Rag & Bone - Model: Classic Long Henley

Daniel Craig as James Bond (Left obviously) and Daniel Gaster wearing the Rag & Bone henley (right)

I believe at the time the shirt was advertised at £115 on the website, which means I probably got a 25% discount, but I cannot remember what for? Maybe for first-time purchase? But I also had to pay £16.96 for shipping.

Through Rag & Bone’s website items are sent from the USA. Although there are 3 London stores the Pandemic had just started, so none of these stores would be open. And I wouldn’t have been comfortable traveling to them either.

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Rag & Bone New York Store

Editor pic – taken on Holiday in New York.

The material

The Henley is made of a 100% slub cotton with Apholos metal buttons. The shirt is a little thicker than the travel t-shirts from Sunspel or Orlebar Brown, but not as thick as a jumper. It is a soft material and feels good worn over bare skin. It is a great versatile layering piece, and you can see why it has been used for multiple outfits for the film.

The size

Size wise on paper I should have gone for a medium, but I went for a small. Possibly based on a review that I had watched. When I received the shirt and tried it on, it wasn’t too tight, in fact I thought it fitted me wonderfully.

However, over time, and washing, it has grown. To begin with I thought it would shrink, as most cotton items do the first few times, I thought it would get too tight. But this thing has stretched! Now I’ve followed the care label for washing it, so I know that I’ve done the right thing with cleaning it. I’m not sure why this has happened, or if this has happened to anyone else? It could just be a one off. I still do wear it. I actually really like it, but it has put me off getting another one.

It’s now a little on the baggy side. At the sides it is a little too loose and the arms are a little too long as well, coming down to the joints in my fingers and the cuffs have widened slightly as well. It probably now fits like a medium would. I didn’t noticed for a while, until one day I looked in the mirror and thought I’d lost a ton of weight.

Purchase Price: £103.21 (£86.25 + £16.96 shipping)

Try again

If I did get this again, I’m not sure I’d go for the Small again. If the same thing happened again then the XS maybe preferable as it would stretch out to a size small. But this may not happen, and I’d end up with a shirt that would be too small and too tight to wear.

My intention would be to visit one of the three Rag & Bone stores in London to get a better understanding of the Henley and see if what happened with my Henley was just a one off, or if I should get a smaller size.

I’m a little disappointed that this has happened. If it happened within the first few washes, I would have sent it back. Maybe replaced it. But too much time has passed. I’d have to send it back to the USA, which I perceive could be a hassle. This could be a one off, I don’t know? This is so far the only item I’ve bought from Rag & Bone, and I’m not yet certain if I’d try again?

The Henley is currently sold out on the Rag & Bone website at the time of writing this.

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