The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat from Skyfall Review

Part of one of the standout outfits for Skyfall, the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat (named after the street in New York that their store resides on, not 007) became very sought after.

The peacoat is a short length coat worn by sailors, so fits perfectly with Bond’s naval roots. This example is 100% wool, with leather detailing under the collar and under the flapped pockets, unlined with peaked lapels.

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

The Navy Billy Reid Bond Peacoat from Skyfall (2012) Purchase Price: £450

In the Navy

The jacket is well fitted, but I find that I can still get a nice chunky knit underneath. I took a Medium, being a 40 (ish) chest. It can be used for smart or casual outfits, providing versatility between the two styles.

Although I like to dress smart, I often wear this as a more casual item. It pairs well with my brown Church’s Ryder 3 boots, or the Crockett & Jones Islay, some jeans, a t-shirt and a thin jumper like the John Smedley Bobby.

I also tend to wear it with the collar up (I know, but it’s usually the colder season and it keeps my neck warm), which nicely shows the leather detail on the underside of the collar.

Purchase Date: December 2012

The Repairs

As the jacket is unlined, I tend to wear it with long sleeved jumpers, Henley’s, polos or shirts, as the wool can be itchy on my bare arms. I find it perfect to wear in the autumn (fall) months right up to the coldest winter weather with the appropriate layers underneath.

In the almost 8 years of owning this jacket I have had 2 little things repaired. One was the button (middle right, the one you see Bond does up), which was almost off when I got it to the tailor 2 years ago. The other was the stitching on one of the slash pockets had come loose.

Read our exclusive interview with the team of Billy Reid and their involvement with James Bond in the book From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films.

Current Price: $695 > £540 (as of October 2020) not inclusive of shipping or importation taxes

Best things come to those who..

At the time I was worried about this purchase, as Billy Reid was not available in the UK, so I had to order from Billy Reid direct. Once the coat was identified it sold out, time and time again. Even when I confirmed the purchase I still had to wait!

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

It’s the perfect size, for me that is

Once it got to the UK, I then had to pay the fees. I was fortunate that it fitted perfectly. I’d hate to have had to send it back and go up/down a size.

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat


Over the years Billy Reid became more accessible in the UK on Mr Porter (where I bought a half zip navy jumper) and Selfridges. (Both online and in store). Sadly, Billy Reid is no longer available on either, if they are still in-store in Selfridges I do not know.

Their current price for the Bond Peacoat is $695. Be warned however, you need to consider the fees you have to pay having it shipped beforehand. AND consider your sizing!


Overall it has held up very well and still a staple of my autumn (fall)/winter wardrobe! The current version is now 75% wool and 25% nylon, available in Navy and in Black as I’m typing this!

If you don’t reside in the US then you need to factor in what the shipping and import tax is going to be! These answers are clearly defined on the Billy Reid FAQ page.

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Billy Reid Bond Peacoat


Hi Dan,
Thanks to your article on Mason and Sons, I successfully purchased some suits. 
This time, after reading your article on the Billy Reid Peacoat, I have a question about the cost. This is not a criticism of David Z, but he tends to wear most things rather close fitting and went from a medium to a small. I am very close in size to David, and am aiming for a medium, but I was wondering whether I would be able to wear that over a suit jacket without crushing it to oblivion?
Thanks very much for your time and articles. I am based in Tokyo. If you ever come out this way, please let me know, I can introduce you to some of the Japanese Bond fans here (that I think you are probably already connected to on Instagram). Shinichi Murai. 
We are having a double bill of, Never Say Never Again, and, Casino Royale. Murai san knows lots of people, like some ninjas from YOLT and Tanba san’s son. 

Hi Paul,

I’m glad you enjoy reading the articles.

Don’t think you can go wrong with the Mason & Sons suits.

Regarding the Bond Peacoat, I’ve got a medium, and am a similar size to David (40-inch chest)

I’ve never worn mine over a suit, but I also think with the size I have it wouldn’t fit.

In addition the coat is unlined so feel that if it did fit it would bunch the suit jacket up.

I only wear mine casually, but that’s a me thing. If I wanted one to fit over a suit I’d go with a large.