I’d like to think that on the day of shooting that either the scarf they had originally chosen was mislaid or that they never had one, and on the day, it was so cold they needed to get one, fast!

Article by Daniel Gaster.

Marks & Spencer scarf on daniel craig

Purchase Date: November 2018

The scarf is seen on Bond when he is on the boat with Tanner, traveling to Q’s lab.

First things first

Following a recent article, I wrote where I discovered I bought the wrong boots some years back, I wanted to look back and try to locate my source for this scarf. Originally, I was under the impression that this scarf was from Johnstons of Elgin, the same as the mid grey scarf (no longer available) that was seen in Skyfall.

Marks & Spencer scarf

Purchase Price: £45

The details

The scarf is made from Mongolian cashmere, which gives it a pleasant soft feel to it. I would describe it as a classic scarf as it is wide enough that you have to fold it in half, length ways and it has fringed edges.

Marks & Spencer (or M&S as everyone calls it in the UK) has been around since 1884, with Autograph being M&S’s premium range.

The scarf is fantastic. The navy is a beautiful colour, not so dark that you’d mistake it for black. The cashmere feels similar to the quality you’d expect from N. Peal, and for £45 it’s a steal.

What to expect

There was no pomp or circumstance to this. No elegant boxes or wrapping. I found it hanging up on a display, on a plastic hanger. I believe it had a cardboard overlay on it. Both of which were removed on purchase.

The thing is I wasn’t expecting any of that. M&S is a value for money retailer. I was able to make this purchase 15 miles from my home. Not having to travel to London like I would normally to view Bond brands.

When I’ve made purchases with M&S online, sometimes you’ll get the hanger with it, if you want to keep the packaging.

Marks & Spencer scarf

Current Price: £45


I don’t know the origin story of how a Marks & Spencer product was matched with a nearly all TOM FORD assumable. It’s not the luxury brand that you’d expect to see Daniel Craig’s James Bond wear. When you search for Marks & Spencer stores near to Westminster there are quite a few choices, plus the Oxford Street store isn’t that far away either.

Learn more about Bond and his tailors in the book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, available on Amazon.


This is a surprising luxurious item, which I cannot really believe. It is a good solid purchase for any Bond fan. AND it goes to prove that not everything has to be on the expensive side for Bond to wear. It goes on the quality of the item, and this is high quality.

Credits & Further reading

Having done some searching on ajb007 I found the following thread: and it would look like credit for the find goes to Harris Thomas (aka Dressing Like Bond) who identified it back in October 2018 and confirmed by What’s Daniel Wearing.

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