I thought I’d publish some photos and Twitter reaction to the new James Bond x adidas ultraBOOST 20. You can find my thoughts and a link to the original Hypebeast article at the footer of the article. According to the article the trainers will launch (I don’t say drop because I’m 41) on 2nd April to coincide with the release of No Time to Die.

Adidas ultraBOOST 20

Adidas ultraBOOST 20


I would never spend money on them but wearing them makes a person happy they I suppose they server a purpose….


Designed by the ghosts of Mr’s Wint & Kidd.


I want them!

Throwing up emoji



Chavtastic! (I’m being polite!)

Adidas ultraBOOST 20


Frasier moving back stunned giph


Shocking, positively shocking.


Was expecting more. A bit too plain and simple.


Yeah, not for this fan.


I shall continue to dream about owning an Aston Martin not a pair of trainers thanks. Unless they have secret hidden gadgets?

Adidas ultraBOOST 20

My thoughts

I was given a preview of these by my editor at Menswear Style and I have to say, they look like fakes! I thought this was a joke when I first saw them. That someone had just ironed on some logo patches and it was all a big hoax.

Bond fans don’t like showy-sh*t like logos on the heel. Not when it comes to clothes. They want to look like Bond, not like someone massively into Bond. This stuff should be kept exclusively to wanky-but kinda cute fan merch.

James Bond wore Adidas Gazelles in Skyfall. See my review and how I managed to repaint them. If you would like for me to review any other products from the franchise please get in touch via my contact page.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall doing target practice wearing Adidas trainers