The John Smedley Bobby featured in Skyfall has been a staple knit for the English brand for many years. I believe since the 1960’s. John Smedley call the Bobby “A true icon, Bobby is an essential for any knitwear aficionado.

Luxuriously knit from our Extra Fine Merino Wool, this men’s pullover was worn in the James Bond film, Skyfall and has been a firm favourite ever since. With a low v-neckline and turnback cuffs, this luxurious pullover is idyllic for layering with shirts and tailoring to offer an unrivalled aesthetic.”

John Smedley Bobby

Purchase Date: February 2013

Our Man in Shanghai

Bond wears the jumper in the Shanghai bar where he receives the text message regarding Patrice, and then under the Billy Reid Peacoat as part of his chauffeur disguise. Daniel Craig also wore the jumper during the press tour of Skyfall, as seen on the James Bond Lifestyle site.

My Bobby has held up well. I’ve had zero issues with it, usually I wear it over a shirt or a polo or t-shirt. On occasion I have just worn on its own. It feels good against your skin. I was worried that it would be itchy on my bare skin, but it isn’t. AND I do have sensitive skin.

I’ve been so impressed with the John Smedley Bobby, that I’ve got 5 of them, Black (for film accuracy), Charcoal and “Apple Red” I think it was called, all in Medium, and then, c in a Small.

John Smedley Bobby

Venetian Red and Lunar Blue

After Care

Since 2013 I lost some weight, so I sized down. However, I think both sizes still look okay on me. The Small is a closer fit on me, but the Medium doesn’t look baggy on me either. I’ve not bought any new Bobby jumpers since 2015, as these have lasted so well.

With the exception of the “Venetian Red”, which has bobbled a lot. Perhaps my fault for not washing it inside out! It hasn’t happened to the rest of them, and as I long as I do that, they should be fine for a lot longer. I wash the Bobby jumpers as part of a normal wash, usually at 40 degrees. (Although John Smedley suggest 30), hang dry and then iron inside out.

Learn more about the relationship between John Smedley and James Bond in the book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, available on Amazon.

Charcoal and Apple Red

A little help

Back in early February 2013 I’d just watched the latest video from The Bond Experience. It was a review on the N.Peal Oxford Jumper in Skyfall. I was now torn between getting the John Smedley Bobby and the N. Peal item.

At this point I had ordered the Billy Reid Bond peacoat and the Crockett & Jones Tetbury boots and owned the Dents gloves and COS shirt. Now logically you’d think I’d just go for the Bobby because I was purchasing the entire ‘Shanghai’ outfit. But that wasn’t true (I never got the tie or the Acne trousers). I was getting items I thought would last, be investments.

In many ways it is the reason I started to write these reviews. I wanted to show you if these decisions were correct or not, and maybe help to inform you should you be considering a Bond purchase.

John Smedley Jermyn Street

John Smedley Jermyn Street

It’s the right size, for me that is

After some back and forth and some advice from community members, I decided to pull the trigger. I went to a store in Leicester (where I was living at the time) that sold John Smedley items to see if they had a Bobby in stock to try on. To start with I tried a Large, as I was told that the Bobby sized smaller than advertised. I tried one on, was told it looked good on me, bought it and took it home.

I tried the jumper on a few times in the week and looked at it, it was too big for me! So, I went back and asked for the Medium. Once on you could tell instantly that it was a better fit for me, and therefore I exchanged it!

Purchase Price in 2012: £135 – Current Price: £180


Shortly after I started buying from John Smedley directly, from their website, I’ve not only bought the Bobby V-neck jumpers, I’ve also bought the ‘Glenham’, the ‘Dover’ and ‘Gerry” cardigans, the ‘Riccollo’ scarf and the ‘Harcourt’ mock turtleneck.

Now before I bought the ‘Harcourt’ in Bordeaux this year, I’d not made a purchase with John Smedley since 2015, not because I’d become out of favour with John Smedley, it was in fact the opposite, their products have held up so well I’ve not felt like needing any more for quite some time.

In some ways the best compliment I can pay them is that I don’t need to go back time and time again, because their products last so well, but it does mean I WILL go back!

John Smedley Bobby Skyfall

Daniel Craig wearing the John Smedley Bobby in Skyfall 2012

I still get newsletters from them, with discount offers, and advanced sale warnings. I’ve not blocked them as I’m always curious about what they have. Their slogan is “The World’s Finest Knitwear”.  This describes them well, they hold the Royal Warrant for the Queen and everything is made in Great Britain!

My first appearance on the podcast was discussing the styles from Skyfall, and included an interview with Ian Maclean, an 8th generation member of the Smedley family.

Review by Daniel Gaster. Follow Daniel on Instagram.

Available to buy

The John Smedley Bobby is available to buy through their online shop here.