I thought you’d gone.

– Article by Daniel Gaster.

Thomas Pink tie on Daniel Craig in Spectre

Spectre 2015

Thomas Pink – Black Alston Plain Woven Tie

The Thomas Pink Alston tie is seen in the last 2 minutes of Spectre. Bond wears this with a TOM FORD Anthracite Damier three-piece suit, and a light blue shirt to visit Q and collect the Aston Martin DB5 which has been fully restored. Once in the DB5, Bond has put on a pair on Dents Fleming Driving Gloves and a vintage Omega Chronograph Caliber 321 can be briefly seen on his wrist.

Thomas Pink – Model: Alston Plain Woven

Assumption makes an…

Like many, I assumed that the tie paired with the TOM FORD Suit and TOM FORD shirt would also be a TOM FORD tie. As part of the 2015 Bond Spectre Capsule only 5 ties were included within it. The TOM FORD Spectre Ties (Blue, Grey, Navy and Ink) all with a 7.5 cm width and the TOM FORD Spectre Funeral Tie which had 9.5 cm width and diamond pattern. The capsule didn’t include the Moroccan Rust Brown knitted tie that Bond wears arrival to SPECTRE HQ which was a TOM FORD tie. So, I assumed that the black tie at the end was also aTOM FORD tie.

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I didn’t go looking for the tie. I’d already got the 5 from the capsule, so was happy with what I had, and quite frankly at the time, was all I could afford.  But I’d purchased the ties before seeing the film, so wasn’t aware of a second black tie. I do remember asking in the TOM FORD store about the brown tie, but little was known about it.

Thomas Pink tie and label

Purchased: August 2016 for 30 GBP

A Pink Tie

I don’t remember who discovered that the tie wasn’t TOM FORD, but I made the purchase of the tie from Thomas Pink in August 2016, direct from their website.  I’ve known about Thomas Pink, seen them frequently going down Jermyn Street, in some department stores, and in airports. I was also extremely fortunate that at the time the tie was also on sale at 50% off, meaning I purchased a Bond tie for £30! Bargain!


Thomas Pink and Tom ford ties next to each other

TF left and TP right

The tie is in keeping with the rest of Bond’s standard ties, in terms of size and shape and the subtle patterning of the tie. Comparing this tie to the standard TOM FORD Spectre ties (and not the Rome tie) it is very slightly wider with a width of 8 cm. However, slightly shorter in length, by 5 cm at 152 cm (tip to tip).

Like the TOM FORD the Thomas Pink has a subtle stipe pattern to them, but unlike the diagonal pattern of the TOM FORD, the Thomas Pink stripe goes horizontally.

The tie knots well in a four in hand knot, like Bond uses. However, unlike the TOM FORD ties the creases don’t fall out as easily. I had gone to get the tie for this review, having not worn it in over a year, and it still shows signs of its previous wear. Although once knotted it doesn’t show these creases. The Thomas Pink tie presents well either with a white or light blue shirt. It is a nice alternative to the TOM FORD.

Thomas Pink Tie James Bond

TOM FORD tie left, Thomas Pink tie Right

Sad times

Like I mentioned, I purchased this when it was on sale, so it quickly sold out. This one tie is the only item I have from Thomas Pink. AND that might be the only item I’ll ever own.  Having looked at their website I found that it’s been replaced with a message saying they’ll be back soon.

Looking at Wikipedia, Thomas Pink rebranded to “Pink” in 2018 but made major operational losses in the same year. In August 2020 it closed its Jermyn Street store and all others in December 2020.

Although it says that they will be back soon, it looks like that they will be an online business only. Experience has shown me when this happens that when they will be back it might not be for long. I do hope that I’m wrong, but time will tell.

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