Top 10 James Bond Ties

This is a subject very close to my heart, given the number of ties I have that are associated with the James Bond films. When I started collecting memorabilia and clothing I first started out with the ties. The simple reason being that the ties were unique and less expensive than a made to measure suit.

Ties are something practical to wear in an office environment as well as capturing that covert cosplay-esque element. This listicle on James Bond Ties are purely opinion based. I greatly welcome comments from others.

connery bond dr no midnight blue tuxedo


The first time we see James Bond he is wearing a black bow tie, and the dinner jacket has become the unofficial uniform of James Bond. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, be it silk or grosgrain, the humble black bow tie is the ultimate tie that is associated with James Bond. It is on this cultural phenomenon that this is the number one spot for the top James Bond tie.

connery tie grenadine Dr No


When Sean Connery arrives in Jamaica he is wearing his other unofficial uniform of a grey suit, blue sea island cotton shirt and a navy grenadine tie. The tie is a staple for Sean Connery’s time as James Bond and it is a beautiful tie.

Grenadine is a textured silk tie, but unlike a knit tie it is less lacey, and is similar to a solid silk tie in its form. The tie is a personal favourite, its texture makes it stand out, and the texture is very pleasant. This is undoubtedly a top tie to have in any collection, and its association with James Bond may not be widely known, but it is certainly connected.

James Bond ties casino Royale train scene

BRIONI BURGUNDY TIE – ‘I’m the money’

I really love the scene between Vesper and Bond on the train in Montenegro. The verbal and visual tennis match between them is electrifying and is the best interaction in my view of any James Bond film. The way Vesper makes observations about Bond’s style and watch is a psychoanalysis of Bond’s history.

This is also the first time we see Bond in a suit in Casino Royale, and it is the start of his journey of who he will become. I love this tie, and am fortunate to have a close alternative from Brioni.

The pattern is very subtle, and the colours are versatile, you can wear this tie with either a white or light blue shirt. The significance that this is Craig’s Bond’s first tie, and the first time he meets Vesper just makes this such an important tie within the film.

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goldfinger tie


The mid-grey glen plaid prince of wales suit is by far THE most beautiful suit ever to grace the films of James Bond. The suit is timeless, as is the knitted tie, and the way Connery wears it on the plane, in the jail, when talking with Goldfinger, and eventually when he is with Pussy Galore.

This tie gets a lot of screen time. The knit design makes it a slightly sportier tie on a magnificent suit. With film colouring this tie which is navy blue does come across as black, and in a way emphasises the monochrome palette of the film. It is a beautiful tie, and one that should be in any James Bond collection.

roger moore in benson and clegg who made james bond ties


Benson and Clegg first bought attention to the Bond community of the tie that Roger Moore wore in Live and Let Die. There are several reasons why this is such an important tie in the film series. Firstly this is the first time we see Roger Moore wearing a suit and tie as James Bond.

Secondly, this tie gets a lot of screen time, from Bond arriving at JFK international airport, to the streets of New York, to the Voodoo Cult shop, to downtown Harlem. Thirdly, the tie is Royal Navy tie. Members of the Royal Navy wear this tie in civilian surroundings, and is part of the uniform to identify a fellow member of the Naval services.

The quality and timelessness of the tie makes this an amazing tie, and holds so much heritage to the character of Bond and Roger Moore.

For more info on this tie check out our interview with Steven Edwards, head of marketing at Benson & Clegg here.


This may be a controversial choice, but for me I love this tie. I was a young teenager when they filmed the car park chase scene at Brent Cross shopping centre in North West London. I was lucky enough to visit the shopping centre and there was an opportunity to see the rushes (what was filmed on the day).

Now the tie itself is a lovely patterned tie, and fits perfectly with a light blue shirt. Again, the tie gets a lot of screen time. We see the sneaky Bond investigating the office and really doing some great spy work. Then escaping the printing press, there is a lot of action, and then the emotional element when he sees Paris dead in his bedroom.


Quantum of Solace is arguably the most stylish film out of the whole Bond series. The champagne gold / brown tie is utterly exuberant and peacocking as a flashy tie, but what a tie. This tie and the beautiful brown suit match perfectly, and it emphasises the character of James Bond as a lottery winner. Well you’d need to be one to own a Tom Ford suit!

There is an emotional element when we first see this tie as Bond downs six Vespers whilst clutching a photo and Vesper’s necklace. This is the ultimate image of heart break, this person has lost the love of his life, and what is he wearing on a trans-atlantic flight, a beautiful brown suit and gold brown tie. The tie is made from a thick silk and the sheen and colours it emanates is truly amazing.

james bond ties pierce brosnan

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The tie that Pierce Brosnan wears when he returns back to MI6 with the money for Sir Robert King. It’s a black tie with a woven art deco pattern of red, gold, and silver interlocking lines. The tie fits very well with Bond’s black pinstripe suit and white shirt, if it was worn with another colour, then it would definitely not compliment the overall look of the suit.

It is a bold tie in that it adds a splash of colour to what would otherwise be a black and sombre outfit. I love the fact that the tie gets a moment when Bond straightens it when he is in Q’s boat. All of which adds my appreciation for this tie.

the spy who loved me brown striped tie


Roger Moore’s sartorial style may seem cemented in the 1970’s, certainly with the colours, and flared trousers. However, the brown / beige striped tie that Bond wears in The Spy Who Loved Me is a significant tie. Unlike The Man With The Golden Gun, which clocked up having at least 10 different ties worn, The Spy Who Loved Me sees Bond wear a smaller number of ties.

This tie is worn when Bond is on the train with Anya, and when he arrives in Sardinia. The striped tie is also a uniform for Roger, since he is the only actor to have worn striped ties during his tenure as Bond. This tie could work well today, although the tie width would need to be narrowed, and would ideally be worn with a white shirt.

spectre morocco daniel craig james bond ties


The tie selection in Spectre can be described as being very plain. The use of block colours in an ottoman twill-like pattern is nice, but the two tone brown knit tie is such a breath of fresh air and has so much texture and colour. The tie fits in so well with the outfit that Bond wears when he awaits to be collected to visit Blofeld.

The beige sandy colour of the suit jacket and chinos fit the palette of the environment, and the brown tie matches fits so well. I do take issue in that the tie length is quite short, not as bad as Sean’s pink tie in Diamonds are Forever. Nonetheless I would have preferred the tie to hit at the belt line.

The tie does bring formality to what would otherwise be a less formal outfit. Indeed, most of us would probably not be wearing a suit in 35-40C heat. However, the suit is Bond’s “suit of armour”, he is figuratively getting battle ready to meet his foe, and he will do it in his style of uniform.

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