In this episode we are joined by Steven Edwards, head of marketing over at Benson and Clegg. Benson and Clegg provided the latest tie slide for No Time to Die, but they’ve also featured in several of the Bond films previously. Most famously in the Live and Let Die scene where Bond meets Solitaire.

Matt Spaiser joins us to also rhapsodize about the beauty of the Benson and Clegg ties, and we’ll punch in Harris Thomas from Dressing Like Bond that’s all coming up.


I talk about cold showers and as of 13th May 2020 I can do 2 minutes 30 in the coldest shower on God’s green earth.

I read out listener mail from Niven Tailors

A friend of mine on Twitter recommends the below. “I’ve been taking a cold rinse after my showers since I was a teen. Try Dolphin Fitness. Wakes one up. No chemical crap. Warn the memsahib to go easy on her lady parts… I warn all my gfs now after a 6am scream from an ex having a shower.”

The Docking Scene

I talk about this being my favourite scene in Interstellar. I also do some very poor Michael Caine impressions. But seriously, how do you solve gravity?

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Up next

I’ll be talking to James Davies from Do You Expect Me To Talk in a ‘telling stories’ kinda episode. And also Sophie Furley Editor-at-Large at Watchonista. If anyone can recommend any gadget watches based on the theme below, please get in touch.

‘For our Bond watch discussion, how about we talk about the watches with the coolest spy functions? This could perhaps lead into a discussion about what real watches can actually do for modern-day spies today – I’m thinking of the “survival” watches such as the Breitling Emergency that will call the nearest military rescue operation via satellite, or Victorinox’s Swiss Army timepiece you can drive a tank over, for example.. ‘