Floris London is a global brand with only one bricks and mortar store in the entire world. I paid a visit to the historic perfumer situated on Jermyn Street as part of a James Bond influencer event; the first of its kind in London where myself and a group of like-minded Bond enthusiasts toured the brands featured in the James Bond franchise.

If you’d like to learn more about that itinerary then you can watch me discuss the day with Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond on our new YouTube channel.

Ian Fleming was a patron of Floris London and would order the now infamous No.89 product. He didn’t directly refer to this fragrance in the novel, however he did offer lip-service to the brand in MoonrakerDiamonds are Forever and Dr. No. You can read more about the James Bond grooming products in this article.

floris inside

Head of marketing and e-commerce Alex Oprey showing us how the fudge is packed in Floris London

As part of the experience we were offered a behind the scenes tour, exclusive access to the archives and history by the head of marketing and e-commerce at Floris, Alex Oprey.

I asked him to best describe the No.89 fragrance.

Floris London

Floris London archives

“Its a classic barber shop fragrance, we don’t tend to create fragrances that follow trends it’s of its time. It’s sandalwood heavy in the base. Barbers shops fragrances tend to be herbaceous lavender-based heart notes then citrusy bergamot top notes.

It’s a really well crafted, complex recipe. most fragrances today aren’t that complex. We’re known for creating fragrances that are really well structured. Really flows through.” – Alex Oprey.

floris moisturiser

I was fortunate enough to be gifted The Gentleman Floris Moisturiser and a small vile of no.89.

me moisturising in front of a mirror


A quick review. The moisturiser has a very luxurious smell. I don’t have a fantastic nose (a perfumers nose, physically I have a beautiful nose. Like Rocky pre-Creed, never been broken) but it does have more of a woody smell rather than the Aesop Moisturiser which I’ve been using for years.

In all honesty I prefer the smell and texture of the Aesop. It’s richer and greener (presented in a glass jar as opposed to plastic) but there is plenty to enjoy with this Gentleman Floris Moisturiser.

It’s a more masculine smell. Traditional. I would buy this (35 GBP) as a nice classic alternative to the Aesop, almost a ying to its yang. Plus it brings me closer to Bond.

A special thanks to David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience, Ajay Chowdhury, co-author of Some Kind of Hero, Alex Oprey and Blair Ballard for making the magic happen.