I don’t play golf, but if I did, I would wear this jumper.

– Article by Daniel Gaster.

Purchase Date: October 2017

A collaboration

This special limited edition Slazenger Goldfinger Jumper is a result of a collaboration between Anthony Sinclair and Slazenger Heritage that was originally released back in 2014 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Goldfinger. Sean Connery’s James Bond wore this Jumper on the golf course of Stoke Poges while competing against Auric Goldfinger in a round following strict rules of golf.

James Bond wears this jumper with a light grey polo underneath, charcoal frog mouth trousers by Anthony Sinclair (which were also possibly used again later in the film with the black polo and jumper combination) and a black panama hat from Lock & Co, now called the Palm Springs.

Slazenger Goldfinger Jumper unboxing

Purchase Price: £180

He uses Penfold Hearts golf balls against Goldfinger’s Slazenger 7, I mean Slazenger 1 golf balls.

I remember reading that the original jumper was probably made from acrylic. Re-reading Matt Spaiser’s post from Bond Suits, in preparation for this report, it’s clear it came from Matt. This version is made from 100% Superfine Two-Fold (2/44) Merino Wool. Which is an improvement to the one Bond wears. Although Anthony Sinclair (which later transitioned to Mason & Sons) held several different colours of this jumper, they now only supply the Burgundy*.

Slazenger Goldfinger Jumper Connery comparison


Following a period of not having any at Mason & Sons, some were found and advertised of the recent discovery. Shortly after I got engaged, my now wife purchased this Slazenger Goldfinger Jumper as an engagement present through Mason & Sons in October 2017.

The presentation box that the jumper comes in is fantastic. It is a very solid black box, embossed with the Slazenger Heritage logo and “Wear a Legend”. Mine also says “Slazenger Limited Edition” so possibly part of the original run? Looking at the Slazenger Heritage site, they all say that, so maybe not. The box also comes with what I’d call a folding card, a back-piece to refold the jumper so it fits perfectly back inside the box.

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Out of the box

Outside of the box, and putting the jumper on, the feel of the Merino wool is so soft and comfortable. The fit is slightly looser than that of the John Smedley Bobby jumper that James Bond wore in Skyfall. This one is a medium which is guided for a 38–40-inch chest. I have a 40–41-inch chest and feel that it’s the right size for me. But if I did want to have it as a slimmer fit, I’m not sure the small would fit me.

Note – I wear this jumper casually, I don’t put it under a suit, like I sometimes do with the Bobby. I have a light grey Sunspel Riviera polo which I frequently wear with the Jumper. I also wear with other polos and with shirts. Personally, I tend to wear the Slazenger Goldfinger Jumper with trouser and chinos, and not with Jeans. However, I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to wear with jeans. I wear this in terms of Smart Casual, rather than Casual.

As mentioned, on the Slazenger Heritage site there are more colour options to choose from, including a light grey version that they have call “Sean”, which I do remember in the past seeing a picture of Sean Connery in his later years wearing while playing golf.

Slazenger Goldfinger Jumper golfing Connery

Model: “Legend” Sweater

Anyone for golf?

I don’t play golf, but if I did, I would wear this jumper. The closest I’ve come to it is playing Top Golf for my brother’s birthday in 2019. On this occasion I wore them with trainers, but usually I wear either shoes or boots.

Although it was February, I felt quite comfortable in the Jumper without the need for a jacket over the top. The cuffs and the hem do stop the elements from getting in. So, the jumper does keep you warm in chilly environments.

Slazenger Goldfinger Jumper label

Current Price: £180


On Mason & Sons it tells you that the jumper is “Machine washable and total easy care (TEC) treated for tumble-drying” and on Slazenger “Wash with similar colours. Reshape while wet. Machine washable. Excellent pilling resistance. Totally Easy Care (TEC) treated.”  However, on the care label on my version it tells me to hand wash only, and do NOT tumble dry. So based on the label I’ve done just that, hand washed.

I’m not sure if this was an upgrade or evaluation of the wool that’s been used since. To be able to stick it in the washing machine and then tumble dry it would make the jumper easier to maintain, but I’ve not risked it with mine. I’ve stuck to hand washing it like with Cashmere items.

There has been no damage to the item, until I wore it for this review and one of my cats pulled it with her claw. So I now have a few tiny pulls on one of the arms. Otherwise, it has held up quite well. When I’m not wearing the jumper I put it away, back in its box with a couple of cedar balls to keep the moths away.

Slazenger Goldfinger Jumper logo

Colour: Burgundy

Tee time

The Slazenger Goldfinger jumper is one of the most recognisable sartorial items from the James Bond movies. There are of course others, but I think this one can be instantly known by other Bond fans when seen. It comes fantastically presented, so it can be an ideal gift to someone who either has a keen interest in Bond, golf, or both.

One of the craziest things with this item is that in over 4 years the price has not changed. It is still £180 on Mason & Sons or €158 on the Slazenger Heritage site. As mentioned, there is also a discount code on the James Bond Lifestyle site for a further 10% off.


Be sure to check out more reviews by Daniel Gaster. Follow Daniel on Instagram. Resources: James Bond Lifestyle; Mason & Sons; Slazenger Heritage; Bond Suits. Images of Sean Connery sourced through ThunderBalls.