The Rivingstons were going the way of the dodo, and I was beginning to think these were just one item (of many) that I wouldn’t be able to get.

– Article by Daniel Gaster.

Boat Shoes No Time to Die by Sperry


In No Time to Die James Bond is in Jamaica and retired from Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Bond is seen wearing these Gold Cup Authentic Original Rivingston boat shoes by Sperry with light grey TOM FORD Jeans, a black Tommy Bahama Catalina Twill Shirt and sporting the Vuarnet Legend 06 sunglasses. The Boat shoes he wears appear to be well worn, assuming that these are part of his usual day wear.

Purchase Date: February 2020

Boat Shoes?

Boat shoes are something entirely new for me, I’ve never owned a pair previously, and not something I’ve ever really been drawn to. Friends have worn them when I’ve been on holiday, but I’ve tended to stick with either trainers or espadrilles.

As with most things I became aware of these via The Bond Experience’s You Tube video on the Jamaica outfit. David Zaritsky covered all the items he had (as of May 2019) that had been discovered for the Jamaica scenes. When we got to the shoes, the way in which he described them. “Without question” this was David’s favourite part of the outfit.

“They are stain and water resistant, footbed with memory foam, 18 karat gold platted eyelets, deerskin lining creates an abrasion free foot environment.”

All these things sounded amazing to me. I am someone who struggles to find comfortable shoes. All my current footwear is Bond related for a reason, they are well made, durable and comfortable!

Boat Shoes by Sperry

Purchase Price: £146.42

The search

Having some summer suitable shoes sounded great, the only problem was trying to find them in the UK. There were only a few retailers in the UK that stocked them, and they had all sold out. (Although it it’s always worth trying an advanced search on eBay as most people will sell them not knowing the James Bond connection). I did try ordering them through Sperry’s website. I messaged them on Instagram, but they didn’t have any retailers in the UK (July 2019) and the website wouldn’t ship to the UK.

Other websites like Mr Porter did sell Sperry shoes, but none were the Rivingston. I also tried Amazon, but they didn’t have my size, and most others were American sites and wouldn’t ship to the UK. I also noticed that they were selling out fast and not restocking!

Around the same time that I contacted Sperry directly, I put a post-up on the AJB007 forum, asking for assistance. Around this time, I had discovered another name for the Rivingston, the Titan. I was checking to see if this was true as well, as potentially this gave me another avenue of searches.

I had some helpful suggestions, and I was told that Titan was another name for the Rivingstons. However, none of them at the time panned out for me at the time.

Colour: Tan

Sometime later

Fast forward to February 2020, one of the suggestions made to me on the forum was Dillard’s. They seemed to have been able to restock and had my sizes. I went back onto the forum to check sizing, should I go for my normal size or go up or down? The responses I got were to go true to size (UK 8.5) so I did. They were also in the sale, but I had to add taxes to them, so I think came out around the normal price for them.

From watching David’s video in May 2019, 9 months had passed in me attempting to get these shoes. And I was grateful that I was able to get them, and the help from fellow AJB007 forum members for their help and advice.

The book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films is available to buy on Amazon. It’s written by myself and Matt Spaiser and includes the costumes of No Time To Die. The book is now available in colour as an eBOOK, in addition to the B&W hardcover and softcover versions.

The genuine article

From Dillard’s I ordered “Sperry Men’s Gold Cup Authentic Original 2-Eye Riving[s]ton Boat Shoe – 9.5M – Tan 6067178” (US sizing). When I received them, on the box was written “Titan”, which was okay, as I’d already been told that this was an alternate name for them.

Trying them on, I’m glad I went for my regular size, they are amazing! They are so comfortable to wear, I couldn’t believe how comfortable these where straight from the box, and I mostly wear them bare foot, sans socks. To begin with I wear them in the house for at least a week before venturing outside in them. When I did, I walked into town, which is a little over a mile for me, walked around and then back.

I did get a little blistering on my heals, but they didn’t need much breaking in from my point of view. And now I can wear them all day without any real issues.

I’ve been wearing them a lot around the house during the various lockdowns, out in the late spring and summer month with linen trousers, chinos, and jeans. They go with most casual outfits you can come up with. The thing that sticks with me though is the comfort, which is saying something. They rival most the Crockett & Jones shoes that I own for the level of comfort, and I wouldn’t wear any of those without socks.

Boat Shoes by SPerry

Care for them

In terms of caring for them, well so far, I’ve not done anything to them, and they still look new. Which is saying something after a 12-mile bike ride and walk around Cirencester.

I tried looking on Sperry for care instructions and found this:


  • Remove dirt with soft bristle brush
  • Treat leather with cream or gel leather protection
  • Stuff shoes with newspaper and air dry before wearing again or storage”

Which for me would suggest using something like the Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovateur Cream on them only, but I’ve not yet tied.

Boat Shoes by Sperry side on

Current Price: $160


I have no doubt with this, these are a sound investment. After almost two years, they have done me well and continue to do so. I’ve worn them a lot in the time I’ve owned them, and they still look and feel great.

As I stated the Rivingstons were no longer available but recently they have been relaunched, so you may be able to get yourselves a pair! Also, since purchasing these, Sperry now have a UK website which sells a range of the Gold Cup Authentic Original shoes, but the Rivingstons are not currently available from there. However, it wouldn’t stop me from getting another pair of Sperry Gold Cups in the future.

Credits and Where to buy

The Boat Shoes are available to buy through the Sperry Website. Be sure to check out more reviews by Daniel Gaster. Follow Daniel on Instagram. Resources: James Bond Lifestyle; Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original Rivingston Boat Shoe.