Hannibal  S2, Ep2 – Sakisuki

Costume Designer: Christopher Hargadon

Paisley Ties and polka dot pocket squares in Hannibal


Before we get onto the Paisley Ties and Polka Dot pocket squares, a quick note on the posture of Hannibal. It’s really gun barrel straight. If you ever want to look good in a suit, then having a great posture, yet looking natural can pay dividends. This is why Roger Moore is the most elegant James Bond of all. His posture, his natural build, but also how he was of an era where wearing suits were as common off screen as they were on.

Posture in a suit Hannibal

The suit

Going back to Hannibal, I noticed in this scene a suit which is described on the Prop Store auction as a,

[…] beige plaid three-piece suit.

It looks for all the money in the world to be grey plaid. It certainly lights differently on film if this is the correct suit. Based on how it looks on screen I would describe this as a light grey prince of wales and salmon overcheck peak lapel 3 piece. We first see this when he’s visiting Dr Bedelia Du Maurier played by Gillian Anderson. It later appears in episode 3, Hassun. We also enjoy a close up of Hannibal’s brogues as he makes some steady yet threatening advances on the doctor as he questions ‘what exactly am I guilty of?’

close up of black brogues

Now the ties

Aside from his posture, which I may have mentioned before in previous notes, another take away is how Hannibal here has mixed paisley ties with polka dot pocket squares. Typically, the pocket square/tie relationship whilst sometimes differing in colour, would normally share the same pattern. The way Hannibal mixes the patterns of his accessories suggests he knows the rules, and is willing to break them. Various brands of ties were used for production, I made a short list in a previous article here.

Paisley Ties hannibal and jack crawford

Some flaws

Although, we know at times Hannibal has gotten some things wrong such as buttoning every button on the waistcoat. Apparently this was intentional as the costume designer didn’t want Hannibal to be faultless. No one trusts someone is faultless and Hannibal has to be able to earn the trust of his victims in order to get close to them or manipulate them.

The suit is an Antonio Valente suit, as the AV suits had the barchetta breast pockets.

Click image to read about the Kill Suit first seen in episode 10, Series 1

Credits & Disclaimer & Further Reading

All screen grabs taken from the Hannibal Series currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Used here under the fair use doctrine. If you don’t have Prime Video you can buy the box set on DVD & Blu Ray below.