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Casino Royale | Minute by Minute

Min #19 – Listen to Me

April 5th, 2024|

End of minute 18 Minute 19 of Casino Royale sees Bond blow up the Nambutu Embassy. About the explosion on the Blu Ray commentary special effects supervisor Chris Corbould says: They had to [...]

Min #18 – Bond Storms the Embassy

March 26th, 2024|

End of minute 16-17 It's a very Bondian thing to do, hoist the villain by his or hers own petard. This happens here to the official that goes for his gun, only to [...]


Memory | A Film that Lives Long in

February 12th, 2024|

Peter Sarsgaard Jessica Chastain Memory (2023) Memory is a film that looks incredibly worn and lived in. From the shabby clothes worn by Sol played by Peter Sarsgaard, to the cracked paint on [...]

Wild Card – Jason Statham’s Corduroy Coat

January 26th, 2024|

If you are planning to go to a casino for non gamstop free spins, pay attention to the key image of Nick Escalante! A corduroy coat is one of the symbols of style and elegance [...]


ROYALE Filmwear | Quantum of Solace | Haiti Jacket | Review

October 23rd, 2023|

ROYALE Filmwear – Haiti Jacket – Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 066). Like most Quantum pieces (screen accurate or reproductions), the jacket has a classic style, which works with a lot of different smart casual [...]



Mark Bridges talks Maestro

January 12th, 2024|

Maestro - BTS - (L to R) Set Costumer Kat St. John, Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein (Director/Writer/Producer), Hairstylist Lori McCoy-Bell and Prosthetic Makeup Artist Vivian Baker on the set of Maestro. Cr. Jason [...]

In Conversation: Ellen Mirojnick Talks Oppenheimer

December 8th, 2023|

Oppenheimer: The Costumes I bring you award winning, erstwhile fashionista Ellen Mirojnick, costume designer for Oppenheimer. She began in fashion/couture but segued to costume design and has brought us such Zeitgeist-defining characters/looks as Gordon Gekko in [...]