The 2017 film The House, directed by Andrew J Cohen, is a gripping story of an ordinary family turning into the owners of an underground casino. One of the key aspects of this film are the scenes that take place in the £2 deposit casino itself, namely the moments when the main characters, Scott and Kate Johansen, enter the world of gambling and risk.

Clothing in the film plays not only an aesthetic role, but is also a kind of symbol of the transformation of the characters in the course of the plot progression. This helps viewers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and trace all the changes in the lives of the characters.

In this article we will look at how the clothing style of film characters reflects their evolution and influence on the plot, as well as draw parallels with the world of online casinos, which is becoming more and more popular in our modern life.

The clothing of the main male protagonists

The plot of The House centres on a married couple, Scott and Kate Johansen, whose lives change dramatically after they decide to open an underground casino. Initially presented as typical American parents, Scott and Kate go through significant changes in both their lifestyle and their style of dress.

At the beginning of the film, when Scott and Kate are still in the routine of their daily lives, their clothing reflects the usual middle-class attributes: sneakers, jeans, and short-sleeve shirts. The clothing of the characters in the film conforms to the ordinary lives of working parents trying to provide for their families.

However, as the protagonists immerse themselves in the world of gambling, they learn a lot about casino operations. If you also want to learn more about how gaming platforms work, we recommend reading a Richy Fox casino review, which will give you more insight into the world of gambling.  

With each step towards more risky and ambitious decisions, we see the style of the characters in the film become more luxurious and extravagant. Scott chooses expensive suits that emphasise his new sense of power and authority, while Kate favours stylish dresses and elegant accessories that emphasise her confidence and determination.

The evolution of the images of the film’s main characters, reflected in their style of dress, is an integral part of their journey from humble parents to owners of a successful casino. Their clothes become a symbol of their new status and allow the audience to immerse themselves in the inner world of the main characters, their emotions and ambitions.

Main characters and their portrayals in the film

Let’s take a closer look at the images of the main characters:

  1. Scott Johansen. In the film, Scott is presented in typical middle-class clothing: jeans, shirt, sneakers. As the plot develops and he enters the world of the casino, his style changes to a more luxurious one: expensive suits, shirts with high quality finishes.
  2. Kate Johansen. At the beginning of the film, Kate prefers comfortable clothes to take care of her family: jeans, jumpers, shoes. Kate’s image reflects her emotional and professional evolution from a caring mother to an ambitious businesswoman.
  3. Frank “The Gambler”. Charismatic and experienced casino player. Prefers stylish suits with expensive accessories reflecting his success and experience.

The main characters of The House are presented through their clothing, which reflects their inner changes and development. They appear to the viewer as an ordinary family in casual clothes, but as they immerse themselves in the casino world, their style becomes more luxurious and status-orientated, emphasising their new roles and ambitions.

Analogy with online casinos

In addition to the picturesque casino scenes, the film The House encourages viewers to think about modern forms of gambling, particularly online casinos, which are becoming increasingly popular in our digital age. Virtual gaming platforms not only provide access to a wide range of gambling entertainment, but also create unique visual and emotional experiences similar to those seen in large terrestrial casinos.

Just like in a film, character images in online casinos can be an important aspect of the gaming experience, and of course clothing can play a key role in creating the atmosphere. While online casino players may not be able to wear lavish suits and glitzy accessories like the characters in the film, they can express their personality as big winners.

Furthermore, the analogy with online casinos highlights the changes in the way gambling is presented in today’s society. Virtual platforms allow players to enjoy the excitement and atmosphere of a casino from the comfort of their own homes, emphasising the advancement of technology and changing lifestyles.


In conclusion, the film The House is a compelling story of how an ordinary family transforms into the owners of a successful underground casino. One important aspect of this story is the portrayal of the main and secondary male characters, including their style of dress, which reflects their evolution and influence on the plot.