10 Best James Bond 007 Gadgets of All Time

Over the decades, Bond films have showcased a number of iconic elements, from the Bond girls and sleek cars to the mesmerizing opening sequences and unforgettable quotes. One of the franchise’s consistently enjoyable features has been its wide array of awe-inspiring gadgets, ranging from incredibly effective and stylish to downright outrageous and impractical. Whether they’re ingenious creations from Q, deadly instruments designed by Spectre’s devious minds, or iconic weapons that have become pop-culture mainstays, the Bond franchise has always injected a burst of creativity into its gadgetry. These innovative, fashionable, and functional devices represent 10 of the best gadgets featured in the Bond movies.

Top 10 James Bond Gadgets

1. Jetpack

Despite appearing futuristic in Thunderball, Sean Connery’s jetpack was real, according to production designer Ken Adam. While limited compared to its depiction, modern human flight start-ups like Gravity are pushing the dream closer to reality, albeit at a cost of $400,000 per suit.

2. Goldfinger

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 stands alongside Doc’s DeLorean and the Batmobile as one of cinema’s most iconic vehicles. Introduced with gadgets like an ejector seat and machine guns, it quickly became a franchise staple. Stylish, sophisticated, and resourceful, the DB5 perfectly embodies Bond and his enduring legacy.

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3. Wrist-Mounted Dart Gun

“Moonraker” (1979) features Roger Moore as James Bond, who ventures into space to prevent a plot aimed at wiping out humanity and replacing it with a select few aboard a satellite. In this film, Bond introduces a wrist-mounted dart gun from Q Branch, capable of firing poison or armor-piercing darts by detecting neural impulses—a handy gadget that unfortunately only appeared in “Moonraker.”

4. All-Purpose Briefcase

This ultimate all-terrain bag is your go-to for every adventure. Think of it as Mary Poppins’ bag, but with gear instead of trinkets. It holds everything from a rifle and ammo to tear gas, money, and a throwing knife. Be ready for anything with this versatile, rugged bag.

5. Hookah Gun

If a mission requires an agent to go undercover in a hookah bar, it’s crucial to stay inconspicuous. Avoid drawing attention by not getting drunk and misusing any objects around.

6. The Invisible Car

In Die Another Day, Bond drives an invisible Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, blending into its environment with adaptive camouflage. This CGI-intensive, spy-fantasy sequence thrilled audiences, though it sometimes broke immersion. While real-world cloaking tech isn’t quite there yet, this memorable scene exemplifies Bond’s gadget-heavy tradition and pushed the series’ boundaries.

7. Crocodile Submarine

Upgrade your infiltration gear with this fake crocodile suit. No more stuffing your tux into a wetsuit or waddling awkwardly with a bird disguise. Just slip into this realistic croc suit and sneak into a smuggler’s palace effortlessly.

8. Personal Pistol

The Daniel Craig era of James Bond may lack gadgets, but it isn’t entirely without them. In Skyfall, Q gives Bond a Walther handgun that only he can fire, thanks to a palm-print sensor. This tech is mirrored by fingerprint-trigger locks for guns. A similar discreet solution has been developed by Idaho’s LodeStar Works, potentially advancing gun safety.

9. Well-Equipped Watches

One of James Bond’s first gadgets was a Geiger counter watch in 1965’s Thunderball. Over the years, Bond’s watches evolved, featuring a laser cutting tool in 1983’s Never Say Never Again, a bullet-deflecting Rolex in 1973’s Live and Let Die, and a tech-destroying EMP watch in 2021’s No Time To Die. Bond’s iconic watches have saved his life on numerous occasions.

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10. Camera Ring

One of James Bond’s most useful gadgets is a covert camera ring, perfect for discreetly monitoring enemies. It’s especially handy at glamorous parties, where you can keep your ring hand raised while enjoying champagne, providing the perfect cover.


While James Bond is famed as a top secret agent with the rank of 007, he’s also renowned for his unique gadgets. Over the years, these gadgets have evolved with technology. Even Daniel Craig’s portrayal, though less gadget-heavy, introduced new additions to Bond’s arsenal.