I’m not sure why, I must have been compelled to have both items. Well, you got one, you might as well have both.

– Article by Daniel Gaster.

Goldfinger V Neck Sweater left and polo right

Purchase Date: January 2020 (Polo), April 2020 (Goldfinger V Neck Sweater)

Inspired by 50 years of Bond

Advertised as “Inspired by 50 years of Bond Style” even though it’s now closer to 60. It was around October 2019 that N. Peal launched their Inspired by Bond collection, covering all the Bonds from the series thus far. Moving the items from the Daniel Craig films into the collection.

When I saw the release video there was one outfit that stood out for me, the Goldfinger “sneaky Bond” outfit. Out of all the Bonds, I’ve always gravitated to Sean Connery, especially for the sartorial style. For me, these were the two items from the collection that I really wanted.

Goldfinger V Neck Sweater inspired by Sean Connery from N.Peal

Purchase Price: £295 (Goldfinger V Neck Sweater)

Christmas only comes once a year

It was early December 2019 when I went into London to meet up with my Parents to do some Christmas shopping. While we were there, having introduced my mother to N. Peal products previously at Bicester Village, I took them to the main store at the Burlington Arcade.

Whilst I was there, I got my first look at the collection (which at this point didn’t include the Army Sweater from No Time to Die). I looked at all the items, and tried on the Ivory Roll Neck, the Orange Mock Turtle Neck (both inspired from On Her Majesties Secret Service) and the Black Polo inspired by Goldfinger.

Pete Brooker wearing the N.Peal Ivory Roll Neck and Zip Through Bomber from the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Collection

Regret is unprofessional

The Goldfinger Polo felt amazing, it is a blend of 70% cashmere and 30% silk, just like the Mock Turtle Necks I own from Spectre. I also thought it looked quite good on me. At this point I decided to wait though, it was close to Christmas, and I had presents to buy for others, not for myself. I looked at the price and it was £199. Maybe I’ll treat myself next month for my birthday.

When I got home, I kind of regretted not buying the Goldfinger Polo, but wasn’t too worried about it at the time.

N.Peal in Burlington Arcade

N.Peal in Burlington Arcade

Price increase?

Later when I decided that I wanted to buy the polo I went online to N. Peal’s website to make the purchase. I was slightly shocked to see that the polo had gone up in price to £259, a 17% increase in price.

I looked at the other items I’d tried on and they were still the same price, so I was a little confused as to why?

Unfortunately I cannot remember who I spoke with about it (maybe you Pete?), but I found out that for the Goldfinger Polo (possibly the Goldfinger V Neck Sweater as well) that they were sold at a cheaper price in the store than online.

N.Peal 007 polo in a box

Purchase Price: £199 (Polo)

Birthday shop

In January I travelled back into London for my Birthday, a surprise from my wife. While we were there, I had the opportunity of getting the Polo, and I did. Once again, I tried on the polo in a Medium and in the Small, I opted for the Small. Whilst I was there, I also purchased the cashmere wash and spray so that I could reduce my dry-cleaning.

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The polo was wrapped up using special 007 tissue paper, and placed in a black 007 N. Peal box, and tied with black 007 ribbon. The in-store service at the Burlington Arcade is always fantastic and hasn’t changed since the pandemic. It really is worth a visit when going to London.

Goldfinger inspired polo N.Peal Mirror selfie

Current Price: £259 (Polo)

Polo Fit

The polo fits me very well, it doesn’t feel too tight, but does give a slender look to it. The arms and the hem are cuffed preventing any free material movement and having a classic look to the polo.

As previously mentioned, with the silk blend it feels incredibly soft to the skin and can be worn in both winter and summer climates.

I wear my polo with a mixture of smart, smart casual and casual clothing. It really does fit most styles and environments; it is a great all-rounder. After almost 2 years, there is very little sign of wear from it, it hasn’t lost its shape at all, and still looks good to wear.

Well, you might as well…

Having got the polo, I thought that I’d resist getting the Goldfinger V Neck Sweater, as I already had the John Smedley Bobby from Skyfall. I’m not sure why, I must have been compelled to have both items. Well, you got one, you might as well have both.

As the pandemic had started, and being in Lockdown, there was zero way I was going to London. Even if I did want to the shops were all closed so there was little point in trying. So, I ordered a small online. I hadn’t previously tried on the V Neck when I was in the store but having most items from N. Peal in a small, I thought this would be all right.

The John Smedley V Neck Bobby from Skyfall

I was wrong

The V Neck was too small, which did surprise me, but thinking it through afterward I know why. I was buying this to go over something, the polo, a T-shirt or even a shirt. I wasn’t buying it as a single layer piece. If I was then it would have been fine, like the Mock Necks or the Polo.

So, it went back, and it was replaced with a Medium, which worked far better. It was comfortable over the polo, and over any other item. It has a better length in the arms compared to my other N. Peal items. Although not as fitted, I feel it gives more of the Goldfinger look compared to one that was slimmer. I am also comfortable in it. The small was just slightly too small for me, and wasn’t comfortable.

Goldfinger V Neck Sweater N.Peal

Current Price: £295 (Goldfinger V Neck Sweater) Model: NPG000544JB_BLK

I have also on occasion worn this sweater as a single layer. Like the polo it is a 70% cashmere, 30% silk blend which feels wonderful on the skin. And like the polo it can be worn with a multitude of styles and seasons. Two very versatile pieces.

I’ve had this a little less time than the polo, but it’s still in great shape. Like all my N. Peal pieces they will last a very long time if they are treated well.  Being classic pieces and in a solid colour, these items will not go out of style. In fact they are almost timeless and great sartorial investments for you.

N.Peal care products for the N. Peal – The Goldfinger V Neck Sweater

N. Peal care products

Care for them

I will wear these items a few times before I’ll wash them, using the cashmere spray on them for the first two wears of them. After a third outing I then hand wash them using the cashmere wash. I try to get a good lather going and apply all over the garment, before rinsing and drying off with a towel. I then leave to dry on a clothes airer until completely dry, then iron on its coolest setting.

Once I’ve ironed them, I put them back in their boxes, which contain a few cedar balls in each box to prevent insects from dining on the cashmere.

Model: NPG000461JB_BLK (Polo)

Final verdict

I love both these pieces from N. Peal, as with the Craig era screen accurate items, these re-imaginations are superb. The quality and fell are sensational and if treated well, will last you a very long time.

Presentation wise, these are fantastic, the box, tissue and ribbon are all 007 branded, so if you are gifting them to that Bond obsessed person in your life, you can’t go wrong with them.

The V Neck Sweater is available to buy for 295 GBP on the N.Peal website.

The Polo is available on the site for 259 GBP also.

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