Currently on display at the London Film Museum is the Bond in Motion exhibition which features a plethora of cars from the James Bond franchise. Also on display are props, outfits and costumes, with some recent editions from the latest movie, No Time to Die.

Make sure you’re checking out the latest Vlog below where I show you around the exhibit and give you all the best annotations from my many many minutes of research.

In the video you’ll see the No Time to Die Matera suit, made by Massimo Alba. It’s a pin whale cotton corduroy slope suit. 3 button and I don’t know if this was worn in the movie, if so it must be one of the earlier ones he wore as there is no deterioration.

In an interview for the podcast with Massimo Alba, Massimo told Matt and I that 30 Sloop suits were ordered by the costume department. Sadly that interview was retracted at the request of Massimo Alba so will not be published.

bond in motion massimo alba suit

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There is some scuffing on the chukkas though which makes me think this must be screen worn. I’ll have to admit at this point I didn’t get the audio guide. I believe that was 12 pounds, there could me more information in the audio guide.

We also have the Tom Ford suit. For a full break down of this suit you should check out The Bond Experience VLOG. David managed to get a suit made by Tom Ford from the same bolt of yarn.

On display in Bond in Motion

My feedback from friends as we encircled the Tom Ford suit on display, is that Daniel must  be quite small. So how tall is Daniel Craig I hear? Well according to he is 5″10 and change.


Moving onto Solitaire’s dress. Worn by Jane Seymour when she was introduced to Bond in the Fillet of Soul.

This was made by costume designer Julie Harris from Indian Cotton and silk velvet purchased retrospectively at Liberty & Co and Harrods. Solitaire’s boots are from H & M Raynes LTD once the Royal family’s preferred shoe shop. ‘Money was no object’ said Harris, recalling her work on Live and Let Die.

Jane Seymour Live and let die

Photo sourced from Thunderballs.Org

Other Memorabilia

They also have the tarot cards on display and the artificial arm worn by Tee Hee played by Julius Harris. A little bit of trivia about that arm I picked up from the 007 Diaries.

007 diaries

Costume Design at its best

This is the Reversible military jacket from Octopussy. I’ve done a full write up on this on the blog in another article that you can find here. I have to say they could have done with putting this on a carousel. It would be nice to see all of it as it’s a very 360 garment.

Bond in Motion Octopussy jacket

Improvements to be made

It’s incredibly dark in the museum. Some artefacts simply can’t be seen! And the DB10 from Spectre, with tinted windows. How about rolling the windows down. They had the windows down in the DB5 in Spyscape and I managed to stick my noodle in that. It smelt like pure sex.

Bond in Motion DB10 Spectre

Bond in Motion DB10 Spectre

The bloodied Brioni tux from Casino Royale is also on display.  This is the layered winter costume that Zao wore in Die Another Day played by Rick Yune.

bond in motion

There also some other nice props knocking around. And the gift shop has some nice mugs and posters and women shower gel, oddly. So very much recommend Bond in Motion to people coming to London.

You can find more information on their website by clicking on the link here. From my experience no need to book. Its a short walk from Covent Garden tube or Holborn station.

I will post more photos on the From Tailors With Love Pinterest page.

Nomi outfit No Time to Die in Bond in Motion

The Nomi Jamaica outfit from No Time to Die

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Update 2021:

Bond in Motion no longer running at the Film Museum in Covent Garden.

From a previous visit you can see more of the cars in an article here.