Crockett & Jones IslayCrockett & Jones Islay

Versatile boots

The 4th and final pair of shoes from Crockett & Jones worn by Bond during Skyfall. These were seen during Bond’s visit to Skyfall Lodge towards the end of Skyfall.

Crockett & Jones call this style of boot a Chukka/Derby, the chukka part has a military heritage. (Find out more in the product information which I’ll link to in the footer).

Spectre: 2012

Crockett & Jones Islay Daniel Craig Skyfall

Versatile styling

These are a truly versatile boot, but let’s start from a style point of view. They are a dark brown boot, which works well with the more casual of outfits. I tend to wear these more with jeans than anything else, but I also wear them with cords, and chinos.

If I want to smarten it up, I could wear a v neck jumper or even a blazer. Even the Barbour Commander jacket with the collar down has a blazer look to it.

More relaxed, I’d wear a t-shirt or polo with a casual leather or suede jacket. These boots suit a variety of casual looks and will be a highlight for any of them.

Although clearly not a “smart” shoe, to be worn in formal occasions, it retains a smart look to them which can smarten up a casual outfit. Especially when they are looking clean and well-polished.

Crockett & Jones Islay

Purchase Date: May 2015 (estimated date)

Versatile conditions

Not only do these boots look good, but they are good boots for a variety of different environments. Bond would probably choose these for his wardrobe for the style, but he would also choose them for comfort and versatility.

There is a reason he took them with him to Scotland. Knowing the terrain where he would fight at the end of Skyfall, he would need something to protect his feet from the wet, mud and icy. And these boots do that!

Learn more about the relationship between Crockett & Jones and James Bond in the book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, available on Amazon.

Crockett & Jones Islay

Purchase Price: £425

Deep water

These boots have Dainite rubber soles (like with Highbury and Tetbury also seen in Skyfall), but instead of the Goodyear welt, them come with a storm welt, providing extra water resistance. Needed when you live in the UK, or when you find yourself the wrong side of a frozen lake, fighting off a mercenary!

I wear them for more than just walking about town. They are my preferred choice for when I go out on country walks or hikes near where I live, or on holidays around the UK. They are so comfortable (like all the shoes I have from Crockett & Jones), but these are the ones I would wear in fields and across differing terrain, and still my feet remain dry and comfortable.

Man in a field

I remember hearing a quote (but cannot remember by who or where or when), that Daniel Craig took a pair away with him afterwards, even thought he’d spent a week submerged in them.

I too have submerged mine, but only to above my ankles. I’ve not gone swimming in them, just underestimated a small, flooded area. Once I got home, I left them in a dry off with the shoe trees in, and once dry re-polished them. It’s not something I do on a regular basis.

Recently the weather has been a lot wetter, and the routes have been muddier, as there is little else to do but go for walks at the moment. I’ve taken these boots through the muddiest of fields and got them absolutely capped in mud. During one of these walks, I was thing about the boots for this review, I thought this really is field testing them.

What goes on in Budapest

Again, once home, I put the shoe trees in and remove as much of the mud as possible. Once dry I use a shoe brush to get the dried mud off, and then a cloth to wipe away the dust. The broguing is difficult and takes some patience to remove it all. I gave it a wipe clean and left to dry again before starting to apply the polish, remove, buff and then a final wipe down and they are good to go.

Shortly after I bought them, I went paintballing in them. I went on a stag do in Budapest. These were the only shoes I took with me, but they were perfect for the terrain. I was able to run in them quite easily, and comfortably, give them a little wipe over and they were still good for the rest of the day and night ahead.

Current Price: £510 (Jan 2021)


These boots have so much versatility to them, you can see why many owners of them say they are their favourites. Although the Tetbury boots are my favourites, these Crockett & Jones Islay boots I probably do wear the most.

They are a fantastic all-rounder that works well for any casual outfit, or any terrain you find yourself in. You’d do very well with these, they will be a great investment, as long as do your part in looking after them.


Crockett & Jones Islay article by Daniel Gaster on Instagram. Be sure to check out all the reviews by Daniel here. The C&J Boots are available to buy through their website.