Aaron Taylor-Johnson is currently the bookies favourite to play James Bond. We have already weighed up the pros and cons in the player profile section of the blog. But let’s have a look at what you had to say.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson next james bond?

Aaron already has a remarkable physique. Should he land the role of Bond it would mean fitness adviser Simon Waterson would surely be out of a gig! If I were Simon I’d be lobbying for a James Corden type, or someone equally schlubby that he could lick into shape.   – Wallace, Edinburgh. 

Is it just me or is Aaron Taylor-Johnson constantly smiling to himself? I wonder if every now and again he hears his surname ‘Johnson’ in his head and can’t help a little giggle. A bit like me when the train announcer says ‘the next stop is Cockfosters’ over the tannoy. Deborah, Leeds 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson smug

Aaron currently has no management agency listed on his Instagram profile. If he were to get the gig as James Bond it would be next to impossible to get him on my podcast. Has anyone stopped to think about that? Anon, Chiswick. 

It’s dawned on me recently that I have fallen asleep to every single film that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been in. I can’t say it’s directly his fault as I suffer from acute narcolepsy and have never made it through any film without nodding off. Can someone without narcolepsy inform me if he sends them to sleep also? That way we can tell if it’s just me or he’s just dull as f*ck. – Joseph, Hay on Wye


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