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Anastasia and I went to Dukes Hotel in St James for a Afternoon Marteani Experience. A very Ian Fleming setting, but did Ian Fleming really go there? Are there any photos of Fleming on the wall? Did he leave an inscription in the Gents saying ‘Fleming woz ere’ ? See this video on our YouTube to find out. In the meantime, have your say on Dukes Hotel below.

Dukes Hotel Kirby Allison

Kirby Allison, an American, said on his YouTube channel that Dukes is the best kept secret in London.  Well I nipped in there the other day and queued for 20 minutes just to use the lavatory. Best kept secret my arse. (Tommy – Bradford). 

Bill Duke Predator

I wonder if the marketing team at Dukes have reached out to Bill Duke from Predator and invited him and his extended family to stay for a few days. Just imagine the headlines in The Metro, THE DUKES AT DUKES. It’s a no brainer for me. (Jon – Redditch).

Sean Connery on the phone

I often wondered if Bond stayed at Dukes would he bother leaving a Trip Advisor review. I like to think he would leave an insightful remark on the bed being too small or complain about the lack of tabasco sauce at the breakfast table, the elitist git. (James – Ohio). 

Roger Moore sliding down the bannister

I stayed the night at Dukes a few weeks back and thought it would be amusing to arrive for breakfast by sliding down the bannister ala Roger Moore in Octopussy. Sadly no one got the reference and I was escorted off the premises. (Reginald – Cumbria).  

Quantum of Solace oil on Sheets

I wonder if Bond ever tries to get his deposit back when leaving a hotel. You can imagine he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on once the receptionist shows him the dry cleaning bill for his oil-sullied bed sheets and points to the decaying corpse lying on top of them.  (Michael – Tunbridge Wells).

Nolan Christopher

With all this chat about Nolan being the next Bond director, perhaps Dukes could introduce a Nolan Cocktail to their menu. Patrons could pretend to arrive drowsy with piss down their jeans, have a short inaudible talk with the barman (who with his best Michael Caine impression will tell you ‘The Nolan’ tastes better in iMax), before magically sobering up & getting refunded £22.50. Do you see what I did there? – (Derek – Isle of Dogs).

Just for fun. (Taken from Newsletter 5 SEPT 28th Oct ’23)

Dukes Hotel - Martini Dukes Hotel - martini experience