We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of next Bond front runner Regé-Jean Page in another article here. But we wanted you to have your say.

Regé-Jean really does have a great physique for Bond. Is it just me or is everyone called Regé, Reg or Reggie built like a brick sh*t house? You have Reg Parks, former Body Builder, Reggie Yates former TV Presenter. I mean it can’t just be a coincidence right?  – Harold, Romford.

Thanks Harold, let’s ask the readers. Are you called Reg and built like a brick sh*t house? Why not write in and let us know. It would be good to confirm whether Harold’s theory has any science behind it. – Editor. 

Nowt to do with Regé-Jean Page, but you have to feel for Gary Myers the original Milk Tray Man. He must have thought he was a shoe-in for the role of Bond after all those years, overcoming death-defying feats, surreptitiously delivering boxes of Milk Tray to damsels with a craving for unexceptional chocolates. – Sandy, Croydon

I’m not sure Page being Bond would be a good idea. I once saw a photo of Page without his shirt on the red carpet. Can you imagine if he forgot his lines like he forgets his shirts and breaks out into “Bridgerton talk” on the Pinewood stage?

“Oh how art thou Moneypenny M’lady. I plead with thee let us not wait one sunrise longer. Let us consecrate our courtship, come away with me on my steed etc etc.” I’ve not seen a single minute of Bridgerton but I imagine that’s the kind of b*llocks they come out with. –  Geoff, Folkestone

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