Could Daniel Craig come back for Bond26? Yes he may have been blown apart by rockets (official verdict from the coroners office) but is there some loop hole in the space time continuum that would allow DC back into the Bond fray?

The Pros & Cons have been discussed in the continuing thread on Who Will Be the Next James Bond.

DC should defo come back as Bond because there are still some loose ends that need tying up. For instance, Bond fans would love to see Craig’s Bond slip Paloma one, I know I would! Oh and that lass from Quantum of Solace, he forgot to slip her one as well. D.Craig – NYC

Paloma Bond26

For Bond26 I would rather have a de-aged Dalton come back as Bond than Daniel Craig. Dalton could wake up in Sanchez’s gaff & just carry on as normal. EON could simply chalk up the past 9 films and 36 years as one long dream sequence & we’ll all be none the wiser. Mike – Clacton on Sea.

There should be a contractual agreement that when every Bond actor retires they have to do a remake of Thunderball. Connery was good enough to do one. Come on Daniel, if nothing else you get a free trip to the Bahamas & a week at a health spa no doubt. – B. Russell, Camden

I’ve really lost trust in Daniel over the past 16 years. His shag count as Bond only averaged at a mere 1.6 per movie. He even walked out on that girl in the hotel in the pre-titles of Spectre who was clearly up for it. How can I live vicariously through Bond if he turns down gimmes like that? – Blake, Kidderminster 

Spectre Bond26

If I had to chose between Daniel Craig and a resurrected CGI David Niven, I know who I’d go for. And I’m not telling you which. – Burt – Philadelphia