Is 98.4 fahrenheit the best way to serve Sake as suggested by James Bond in You Only Live Twice? Or is Bond just trying to sound sexy? You can find out more in this video I posted on YouTube. I share some footage of a recent Saké Soirée Anastasia and I had at our house. Plus Eisuke @InspiredByBond shares some insights from the hospitality trade.

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Sake Soiree – Click on thumbnail to watch video (12 mins)

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Can anyone explain to me why Sake is poured into such tiny cups? I have to say I find it quite a calorie burner drinking sake as I’m constantly refilling my little cup. I wonder if the Japanese get sake elbow as a result? Barry, Wapping.

With re: to Barry’s comment above, sake is served in little cups small cups called choko or o-choko. The small cups ensure that the sake does not get cold in the cup. Might I suggest you alternate your drinking arm with every serve so as not to get an RSI. Or alternatively place one of those long curly straws direct into the ceramic flask (tokkuri) thus negating lifting your drinking arm altogether. Derek, Clacton-on-Sea

Bond drinking Sake You Only Live Twice

I’m not entirely sure what Tiger Tanaka was getting at when he said, ‘for a European you are exceptionally cultivated’. Lest he forgets it was the Europeans who built the Colosseum, who painted the Mona Lisa, who sung ‘Do they Know it’s Christmas Time‘. Although in Tiger’s defence, Band Aid came some 17 years later. But you get my point. – Parker, Kew Gardens.

I think its incredible that Bond managed to judge the exact temperature of the Sake offered to him by Tiger Tanaka. If Bond ever fell into The Avengers Universe you can imagine that he’d fit right in as “Thermometer-tongue Man”. – Seymour, Mayfair. 

With re: to Seymour’s comment above, unless the fate of the world depended on Bond’s ability to correctly assess the temperature of Sake to the nearest decimal point, Bond’s role in The Avengers would be considerably limited at best. Perhaps his skills might be more suited to a contestant slot on the game show, You Bet, had it not been cancelled in 1997. – Bill, Stockport.

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