Is the Pre-title Sequence for The World is Not Enough the Best PTS of the Series? Have your say?

Best Pre-Title cigar girl

My accountant once asked for a pay rise so I showed her the PTS of TWINE. I said until she can demonstrate the versatility of Cigar Girl who can not only crunch the numbers, but pilot a Sunseeker Speedboat, handle a Heckler & Koch assault rifle & fly a hot air balloon, then she’ll just have to make do with minimum wage. – Keith, Leigh-on-Sea 

Best Pre-Title Bond Bilbao

With RE: to Keith’s letter above, I think it’s unfair to expect these kind of skills from your accountant. Are you also capable of abseiling off a balcony using only a neatly-furled and conveniently long yarn of elastic string from a set of office blinds? Detecting the bubbling-tell of a fertiliser bomb in your whisky & ice? Diving off a Q-Boat mid-air onto the mooring ropes of a Hot Air Balloon? Bridget, Battersea

In re: to Bridget & Keith, could an amicable agreement be struck where both parties wear their respective Brioni 3-piece and maroon leather body suits to the office? You could even share some ‘pre me-too’ socially accepted office banter where the accountant could ask for some “extra digits” whilst undoing the boss’s belt. The boss could then reply with something equally pithy like “the things I do for Bradford & Bingley” whilst he rips open her blouse. – Mitchell – Braintree. 

There is a huge goof in the PTS of TWINE! The boat chase route on screen didn’t match the route displayed on Bond’s on-board computer map. Whilst the map shows the route through West India Docks, the chase is obviously through Millwall Inner and Outer Docks. 

Whilst Johnny Foreigner will be oblivious to this egregious use of artistic licence, if you live in the Isle of Dogs it could take you right out of the movie. Thankfully I live in Cardiff so I don’t give a sh*t. – Harold, Cardiff.

Seconds before Bond steals the Q-Boat from the Mi6 building Q screams out, ‘stop it’s not finished’. I wonder what other features Q was looking to install. I like to think perhaps a power-free cool box for Bond’s Bollinger complete with a voice activated condom dispenser. Just for starters. – Warren, Guildford.

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