I’m jumping on the band wagon wishing Pierce Brosnan a happy 67th Birthday. This is going to be a short and sweet post highlighting some of my favourite photos from the PB FILES.

An amazing thread for photos of Pierce Brosnan that I’ll link to at the bottom of the post. With respect to the original authors and photographers I’ll link each image to the article from which it was derived.

ESQUIRE – 2019

Pierce Brosnan

Esquire credit the Tux as Gucci


Pierce Brosnan

Dressed in Tom Ford.


Pierce Brosnan

Shirt by John Elliott, vintage jeans by Levi’s, sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

GQ – 2018

Jacket and Sweater, by Armani / Jeans by Ralph Lauren / Boots by John Lobb / All clothes his own

THE RAKE – 2018

Pierce Brosnan

Midnight blue wool, two-piece suit, Connolly; royal blue cashmarello shirt and blue and white silk geometric print tie, both Emma Willis.

All photos have been plucked without permission from the Pierce Brosnan Files.

For more on Pierce catch the breakdown highlights (what happened to those Brioni suits) from the Esquire – Goldeneye watchalong in this article here.

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