My Top Tips For Fashion Illustrations

In this article I want to share with you some scribblings from my sketch pad.


Part of my coursework requires me to provide fashion illustrations for my designs, which doesn’t come easy to someone that can’t draw for toffee.

tracing photos


These sketches are symbolic evidence that I’m hardly the authority for fashion illustrations. However, I’ve found the hardest thing is knowing where to start.

Tip 1: 

If you’re struggling with motivation to draw like I often do, make sure you’re drawing something that really appeals to you. Landscapes, sunflowers, trees etc, I personally find dull as ditchwater.

Why don’t you try drawing something that is a little easy on the eye. Like Bond girls.

drawing outline

A nose not a banana Q

I start by tracing a simple outline from an image on the unofficial James Bond picture archive Thunderballs. (Hear an interview with the founder Marty on the podcast episode 10).

I know. Tracing, cheating right? Well the French have another saying, reculer pour miex sauter, you need to step back to jump higher. (Bond tells Breed that in the continuation novel; Solo).

Bond girls fashion illustrations

I have a surprise from your friends back at the barracks

Tip 2: 

The rest you can just have fun with. Drawing faces on fashion illustrations are surplus to requirements. Thank Christ. So don’t waste time, leave that to the pros.

For drawing classes on YouTube, this guy is a bit bonkers but I like him.

Why Fashion Design?

For those of you wondering I’m doing a design course with the British Academy of Fashion Design. I’m currently on assignment 4/15 and am making slow progress.

bond villain drawing goldeneye fashion illustrations

Goodnight are you there?

If any other students are doing the same course then please comment below as it would be great to know how others are getting on. Alternatively click on any photo and connect with me on Instagram.

grace jones sketch fashion illustrations

die another day drawing

Death for breakfast

The pleasure was all mine

Thanks for reading this article. I’ll finish with my favourite James Bond Illustrator Pat Carbajal who drew this beautiful image of Daniel Craig for a project Matt and I are working on.

Click on the image to follow Pat on Twitter.

daniel craig illustration