I’ve just stumbled this wonderful website for estranged James Bond collectibles, titularly called Bond Collectibles. (Details in the footer). I’ve highlighted some of the clothes that have caught my eye, however there are numerous props, odds and sods for you to peruse lasciviously at your leisure.

The Holy Grail – Fila Jogger suit from A View to a KillBond a view to a kill jacket  James Bond collectibles

6718 EUROS

Holy heck fire! The original screen worn Fila jogging suit? Who wants my kidneys?! Jesus. Anyone that knows me will appreciate my immutable affection for this film and in paricular, this piece. Yes I own the Orlebar Brown reincarnation, but this one will be lined with Rogers sweat and hopefully some other bodily fluids.

Could this be the original that was sold for 470 GBP at Christies in 2001?

Scaramanga’s Trousers – The Man with the Golden Gunscaramanga christopher lee trousers James Bond collectibles

6569 EUROS

We are the best

And the best thing about these, with me being all of 5’6, I could have them tailored and still have enough cloth left over for another pair. There is a label inside that delineates these cream trousers are made by Bermans and Nathans (now a part of the world famous costumers Angels).

By the way if anyone knows ANYONE at Angels I’d love to have them on the podcast.

Brosnan Hero outfit Tomorrow Never Dies

brosnan outfit tomorrow never dies

8473 Euros

Don’t get any ideas Mr Bond

How about this beauty. The hero outfit seen on many covers and artwork of Bond ripping through the streets of Thailand on a bike and diving off the Carver building.

The shirt a linen purple made by Angels & Bermans, the trouser a cotton and lycra mix and the plimsols Navy with the label TRAX on the inside. I’ve done a little research and PUMA did do a line of PUMA TRAX running shoes which can be sourced on eBay.

What I missed

costume design grace jones


Sadly this was sold but I would have loved to have owned this original costume design by Emma Porteous for Grace Jones. For her role as May Day Grace Jones brought along Paris fashion designer Azzedine Alaia who worked with costume designer Emma Porteous to create other dresses such as the red dress and cowl.

Photo taken from Pinterest. Original Website link broken


* I have contacted the owner of the site for an interview. They have replied but understandably are taking time out from the pandemic. I have not purchased nor am I endorsed by Bond Collectibles website. Therefore I cannot vouch for its validity.

** Extra images to support the blog have been sourced through The unofficial James Bond picture Archive.

If you have any information or would like to contact me personally you can do so through my Instagram page.