Orlebar Brown Jacket - A View to a Kill

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Here we have the Orlebar Brown Piped Towelling Blouson Jacket inspired by James Bond in A View to a Kill.

This was kindly gifted to me by Orlebar Brown as part of their promotional campaign for the James Bond celebration collection.

If you click on any picture of me wearing the jacket it will take you direct to the Orlebar Brown site.

Orlebar Brown Jacket


If you look closely at your bathroom towels you’ll notice small loops in the yarn in the pick and normal chain.

Depending on the quality the loop should be prominent and the fabric will be soft to the touch.

I’ve done my best to get a close up of the Orlebar Brown towelling blouson in the picture below.


A close up of the Towelling fabric on the Orlebar Brown jacket

If you’re interested in purchasing any towelling for your own patterns or garment making, I’ve stumbled across a site called My Fabrics.

The most expensive yarn will set you back as much as 25.75 GBP a Metre.

Someone has put together an interesting video on the Terry Towel Weaving technique.


The description of the original velour tracksuit is listed on the Christies site where it sold for auction for a staggeringly-low 470 GBP. It is listed as thus below.

A view to a kill jacket

The original jacket sold for 470 GBP

The original was supplied for James Bond by Fila. Fila arean Italian sporting goods company now owned by a company in South Korea.

They are still selling tracksuits for around 70GBP, though haven’t gotten anything resembling the original piece.

Below is an unboxing video that shows you how the garment arrives. It also features a cameo from David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience. David will be our next guest on the podcast.

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I’m a size 37′ chest, I’m around 5’7 tall on a good day. I got the size small and I think this is a snug fit, but a perfect fit for my frame.

The Jacket is available still (one size left on the website) for 295 GBP but I expect it will sell out very quickly.

You can find a review of the pleated dress shirt from On her Majesty’s Secret Service on our YouTube Channel.

Me wearing my Orlebar Brown jacket holding a puppy

Little Roger being exploited

How to wash towelling

UPDATE: Ten months on. I did my first wash of this jacket and it’s came out rather well I think. It’s kept its shape and colour. Catch the full video (only a couple of minutes) below.