This is my wife’s favourite shirt that I own, it has nothing to do with it being Bond related, she wouldn’t know!

Article by Daniel Gaster.

Linen Shirt Daniel Craig

Spectre 2015 (Image sourced from Thunderballs.Org

One of Two

This is one of two possibilities for the linen shirt worn by Bond in Spectre while traveling by train to the SPECTRE HQ. He wears it with the Matchless Craig Blouson jacket. I first became aware of this shirt (like most things) following the review from David ‘The Bond Experience’ Zaritsky.

One of these was called the Malone, the other, which I was able to get, was the Morton. Having watched the video, I looked at the Orlebar Brown website to see if I could see either (or both) available in my size. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the Malone, or the Morton in my size.

Linen Shirt in Sunshine

Orlebar Brown Morten Linen Shirt

Take it up with the Concierge

Now I don’t remember if the Malone had been discontinued at this point, but when looking though my emails it looks like I only enquired after the Morton shirt. I’m glad that I did ask the concierge, as Nathalie was able to locate one in my size at one of their stores.

At the time I’d just made a number of other Spectre purchases, and I was only asking if (and when) they would be coming back into stock. I was informed that it was unlikely, so I took up the offer of acquiring the linen shirt through Nathalie.

Wife approved

The shirt arrived shortly afterwards, and it is a really nice shirt. My wife always comments how good it looks on; it is definitely her favourite of my shirts. It has nothing to do with in being Bond related, she wouldn’t know! I think it’s because of the Sky-blue colour.

The linen the shirt is made from has a nice subtle pattern to it, and the buttons really pop with it. Unlike Orlebar Brown’s t-shirts and polos, which I take in a small, the shirts I take in a medium. Especially as this shirt is a slim fit, rather than the regular fit styles they had at the time.

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Linen Shirt close up

Colour: Sky

A shirt for all occasions (but only in the summer)

With it being linen, I tend to only wear it in the warmer weather. Depending on how casually I’m dressing, I can wear this dressed up with a suit, or dressed down with a pair of trousers, chinos or jeans. I have also taken it with me to the beach, wearing it with my OB Setter shorts. I like a shirt for the beach, as I find it easier to slip on after I’ve towelled myself dry, and I can wear it unbuttoned till I get off the beach.

Like the OB shorts you can easily go from the beach or the pool to a restaurant or bar and be smartly dressed, and comfortable. I can wear this shirt both tucked in or untucked, or sleeves rolled up and down, depending on the environment. However once tucked or rolled, I’d leave it alone, as with linen it creases so easily.

It’s Tailored!

The Morton came in a tailored range, which this shirt was part of. So, it is a closer fit than most of my others, but I don’t feel that its tight or uncomfortable. I cannot do up the top button, but this doesn’t matter, as it’s not the type of shirt I’d wear with the top button done up, and I wouldn’t pair it with a tie either (even though I do like a tie!).

The collar is also short, so wouldn’t support a tie anyway. The sleeve length is just right for me; however, the shirt length is probably on the short side for me, but not enough to make a difference.

Purchase price – 165 GBP

Sky over the Riviera

It was around this time that Orlebar Brown discontinued the ‘Sky’ colour from their range, this included this linen shirt and the Setter shorts (seen in Skyfall). This was replaced with the slightly darker ‘Riviera’ blue colour. Morton did stay around for a while longer but is no longer available.

It too has been replaced, now by the Giles range, which is a tailored fit range, which includes many fabric options. Including Sea Island Cotton, Cashmere and Poplin to name just a few. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think the Giles is the model used for the You Only Live Twice shirt.

Purchase Date: May 2016

Final thoughts

The quality of this product is fantastic, it’s 5 years old, and has held up extremely well. It still fits well, there is little sign of wear, and I think could last me another 10 years. Who knows? But I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. The quality and the craftsmanship of this shirt is really good. This is a staple that I always include on a summer holiday. I think its defiantly worth looking at the updated Giles range at a couple of options, as these shirts are versatile for all summer looks and activities.

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