A bumper packed episode this week. Matt Spaiser joins us to talk about the release of the new Orlebar Brown X 007 Heritage Collection out today. He has been gifted the new Matchstick Linen Suit seen on George Lazenby in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. We’ll also be posting a Vlog of that and some other unboxing videos on our YouTube.

Of the collection Matt has earmarked his favourite,

The Dr No blue trousers, I really like those. [Especially] if they fit the same way the linen trousers do. I am very particular about the fit. The Dr No trousers are great because they have the frog mouth pockets, they have an authentic look to the original.

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Also on the show is David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience. He’ll be picking out his favourites, as well as discussing what outfits are left that he’d like to see reincarnated. David has done unboxing videos with all the pieces in the collection. (See below).

What he said

Of the Harrington Jacket, David said,

I saw the review samples very early on, before lockdown. I took the Harrington Jacket out and I thought what is this? Then I went back to the movie to watch it. They’ve done the ribbing. The way it fits, the way it looks, it’s a pure Roger Moore nod. […] it sung to me.

Not only but also..

We also get James Davies on the show from Do You Expect me to Talk on Instagram. James talks about sitting down with Judi Dench at Claridge’s and what she’s REALLY like when the cameras are off. James recalls,

I went over to her, she embraced me with a hug. Maybe her eyesight was slightly failing, she might have thought I was someone else. […] she welcomed me in and gave me this big hug.

The Q&A

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Some of the clips from the show..

Coming up on the next episode

So I had to bump Lock & Co ’till next week, but that’s in the can and that’s coming. Matt and I also spoke to celebrity tailor Henry Rose who has tailored for Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Grace Jones and Madonna. That’s in the can. I’m also desperate to get Sophie Furley on so stay tuned. Thanks for listening and bless your heart.