When I saw Casino Royale at the cinema back in 2006 one accessory that James Bond (Daniel Craig) wore that really caught my eye were his modern yet classic 2720’s Persol sunglasses.

– Ryan Hall (@IconicFilmStyle)


I was aware of Persol from the previous Bond film Die Another Day as Pierce Brosnan wore the 2672-s model in the film. In fact they were made for the film. But being in year 10 when the film came out and already having a pair of Ray Ban’s these sunglasses past me by.

Persol Case

Unfortunately I don’t have there case or box. I only have a newer case for another new pair of Persols the 3048.

The world’s moved on commander

The 2720-s model was hugely promoted by Persol as the sunglasses of a new modern, young Bond. You would see advertisements at Sunglass Hut’s and other Persol retailers.

But the time I could afford a pair of Persol’s the company no longer made the model in and around 2009. So I went with the next closest model the new 2803-s.

The 2803-s

Perfect size, for me that is

The 2803-s is very similar to the 2720-s but a faction narrower and less wraparound. It has a rectangular shape and thicker arms like the 2720-s but over all just a it smaller in size.

The frame has the trademark silver Persol arrows of the temple and hardened plastic Havana tortoise shell frame are very strong, much stronger then most plastic frames on the market. The unique Melflecto flexible temples of Persol’s form to the shape your head and face for a perfect fit something lower priced Ray Ban sunglasses don’t do.

Persol 2803-s Sunglasses from The November Man
Picture of my enduring and timeless Persol 2803-s.

The November Man Sunglasses

I still wear the sunglasses often and have had to only changed the glass lenses to plastic prescription polarised lenses for driving recently. The plastic lenses do keep the weight down. The original glass lenses through outstanding in quality add to the weight.

The quality of Persol sunglasses are amazing and they are built to last. Having purchased these in 2009 they haven’t really worn at all a testament to their quality and robust design.
Pierce Brosnan The November Man Persol 2803-s sunglasses

Pierce Brosnan The November Man (2014)


I was very thrilled when I viewed The November Man in 2014 and saw Pierce Brosnan (who was a huge style influence on me growing up) wearing Persol’s in the film. I was even more thrilled to find out that he was wearing the Persol 2803-s Sunglasses that I have.

Persol 2803-s Sunglasses Iconic Film Style
Picture of myself slipping out of the office to grab a coffee putting on my Persol 2803-s with my light blue TW Lewin dress shirt and lightweight sky blue and black glen plaid sports coat from Australian brand Peter Jackson.

Still going

The 2803-s is an enduring and modern style that even evokes a slight 1960’s vibe in their design. They are still manufactured today and widely available. A real testament to the model timelessness as other models have been fazed out as time has worn on.

Elsewhere Pierce Brosnan looks to wear the 2803-s in Taffin. Full style report on that film can be found here.

Further Reading & Credits

Screen grabs from the Blu Ray of The November Man used here under the fair use doctrine. For further reading on the style of The November Man be sure to check out our podcast shownotes and some extra research can be found on Bond Lifestyle.

Article by Ryan Hall. Be sure to follow Ryan on Instagram as IconicFilmStyle.

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