Introducing Daniel Gaster, the best dressed gentleman in any room, at any event. He’s like a metronome on instagram. Mr Consistent with his immaculate suits and has been a great supporter of my podcast and many other Bond-related blogs.


Best dressed Daniel Gaster in the garden wearing pin stripe suit

Best dressed man in any garden

Give us a short intro and tell us a few secrets on how you’ve become one of the best dressed Instagrammers for 2019

I’m a Business Analyst, I love to hike out in the countryside or go climbing with my wife. I love to go skiing every few years when I get the chance, and every so often like to wear the odd suit.

Are you the best dressed dude in the office?

Without doubt, there is one other person whose probably some years younger who wears a suit and a tie, I’ve been told he like my look.

best dressed Daniel in a mason and sons tuxedo

Which James Bond do you model your style on and why?

I’d say a mixture of Sean and Daniel (although I’d say Daniel models on Sean as well), I think the style his Bond portrayed is timeless working both now and in the future.

If someone wanted to look like Bond on a budget what would you advise them?

There’re a few things I’d do, firstly find a brand and a range that you feel comfortable with, the way their clothes fit. For myself it used to be Austin Reed and their Cut range of suits and Charles Tyrwhitt for their shirts.

Once you’ve found the brand and range look at their collections, find things on their website bookmarking things or adding to wish lists, and sign up to their newsletter. Once the sales start review what you’ve saved and see what’s available.

daniel in a suit in the mirror

Charles Tyrwhitt always has a four for £129 offer on, and the quality is excellent and no more expensive (with the offer) than buying from Next or M&S.

I’m also a fan of Charles Tyrwhitt’s suits, my Midnight Blue Evening Suit is from there, as are the morning trousers I wore for my wedding.

What’s your favourite outfit in your wardrobe?  In case you say your Mason & Sons wedding suit, what’s your second?

Well if I cannot choose that. I’d go with both my first and latest purchases from Mason & Sons. My first suit is a Grey pinstripe three-piece suit, which I modelled on the SPECTRE suit Bond wore in London.

The experience was excellent, it was the first time I’d been to a proper tailor. Both David and Elliot were there and they couldn’t have been nicer in accommodating me.

They spent as much time as I needed, getting the details right, having a bit a joke and a laugh and talking about Bond.

daniel in grey pin stripe suit

When I went to pick up the suit David was there checking everything, making sure I was happy. I think that he was happy for it to go out the door.

We talked a bit about new products they were launching and I showed him a new purchase of mine (Tom Ford Snowdon) and talking about the Sean sunglasses that had been extremely popular and doing a 2nd run.

best dressed james bond inspired

For me it is both the suit, and the experience that I loved, and couldn’t be more a fan of what they do, or recommend them highly enough.

Which brings me to the navy serge blazer with gunmetal buttons and a pair of grey flannel trousers. When I ordered the Blazer, Elliot asked if I wanted to with two button cuff or four button cuffs, so I went with two.

I was surprised, as I thought this would be an of the shelf purchase, as with everything their customer service is exceptional, and this was an unexpected bonus!

best dressed suits in wardrobe

How many suits do you have in your wardrobe, and are they all inspired by Bond in some way?

17, with 2 blazers, however I no longer buy a new suit without giving one to the charity shop. Before being a customer of Mason & Sons, I would compare the suits I was interested in to images from “The suits of James Bond” to see how they compared.

Alternatively I’d look at the suits colour and patterns and think of switching things round. Same with ties. They would be inspired rather then duplicated.

In more recent years I’ve been able to get the exact ties, or bespoke shirts, but I’ve really had to save for them.

best dressed in the office

Take a note Moneypenny

GQ or Rake?

I have an iPad subscription to GQ.

What blogs do you read if any (and if you don’t mention my blog you’re not coming round for Christmas dinner).

I’ve been reading James Bond Lifestyle for years, in many ways that has linked me to everything else. The Bond Experience and The Suits of James Bond were my staples for years.

I’ve enjoyed the “From Tailors with Love” podcast and of course the blog that accompanies it (my Wife is vegetarian, when we come over) as well as Iconic Alternatives as well.

I’ve been a follower of GQ, Mr Porter, and Turnbull & Asser’s offerings, either via email, or their Posted items.

daniel in the mirror in a suit

What would you like to see in No Time to Die?

Although I’m a fan of the outfits from SPECTRE, I think there were too many. I’d like them to go back to the idea used in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace of reusing items and forming different combinations.

There is no way all of the items Bond took from London would of fit in the luggage he had! I agree with Matt Spaiser when it comes to the fit of DC’s suits in the last two outings.

When you read the Ian Fleming novels he says that extra room has been made to accommodate his concealed weapon. No wonder in Skyfall, Sévérine knows the make of weapon he’s carrying.

I’d also like to see some different brands for his casual wear. Stick with Tom Ford for the tailoring, less so for the casual.

daniel in a tuxedo

Who would you like to see play the next James Bond?

I have no idea; it could be another five year till the next one? When it does, I’d like to see someone in their late 30’s play the role, but not as a continuation from where Craig leaves off.

Your favourite Bond girl from the Connery era, Lazenby, Moore, Brosnan, Dalton and Craig?

Moneypenny played by Lois Maxwell, Samantha Bond and Naomi Harris (3 out of the 4).

Domino from Thunderball, Tracey from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Solitaire from Live and Let Die, Pam from Licence to Kill, Xenia from GoldenEye and Vesper from Casino Royale.

If you could ask Daniel Craig one question what would it be?

What items of clothing did he want to wear as Bond, that got vetoed?

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