What are the best affordable James Bond dive watches according to watch aficionados?

A. Seiko, Squale, Tudor, Shinola and Oris are all brands that you should consider when buying an entry level dive watch.


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I’m joined by Bobby Morelli, one half of Matched Perfectly an instagram account (and blog) that specialises in looks, products and travel for the fashionable couple. As well as a thing or two about James Bond dive watches.

Dive Watch Alternatives

Here are some alternative James Bond dive watches mentioned in show. Click on any image to follow me on Instagram. I won’t link to any watches as they invariably fall out of stock with suppliers. The show, or Bobby, are not affiliated with any resellers.

james bond dive watches

Sticking with brands like Seiko, first one I recommend is this SEIKO 42MM SPORTS 5, a handsome looking dive watch. (See above). It’s not trying to be something that it is not, it has that dive watch look.

It’s not a cheap watch, and you’re still spending some money. If you’re going less than $100 you get what you pay for.

SEIKO SKX007 – $359

seiko alternative watch

This one is a little more upscale in terms of materials. The gentleman that runs the site does an upgraded bracelet on this model.

The bracelet in addition to the watch, has better materials and is a bit more robust. Some watches do have a Bond nod, in the name there, clearly inspired by Bond.


dive watch cheap

Squale is Italian for Shark. If you’re looking for a good submariner alternative this is where you want to go.

Squale have a rich history of dive watches. They manufactured cases for Tag Heuer and other swiss brands.

They’re an Italian brand, with Swiss movement. You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Men’s 43mm Monster Bracelet Watch – Automatic – $1,450

Shinola Dive watch

Shinola; made in Detroit, a city going through a renaissance. Detroit as a city is very impoverished.

This brand is trying to reinvigorate that. They have a lot of cool things going on. This Shinola limited edition is their first automatic movement watch.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight – $3,625

tudor james bond dive watch

“Totally inspired by the Dr No watch. No crown guard, has a big crown. A red triangle indicator just like the one in Dr No. Its super cool. It has a Tudor in-house movement.

It’s Upscale. More affordable than a submariner Divers Watch. Certainly something you’d pass down to your kids.”



tuxedo watch seiko

“This is a great seiko alternative to the Omega Aqua Terra. Its a clear nod to Skyfall. This piece looks gorgeous.

Seiko make an outstanding watch. Its not a cheap knock off. Seiko has a nice lineage.

It has a very striking blue face. It’s almost exactly the same size as the Aqua Terra, Daniel wears a 38.5 Aqua Terra in Skyfall.

A belated mention to Oris

oris watch 65 in the style of james bond dive watches

It would be remiss of me not to include Oris in the list of great alternative affordable Divers Watches.

I was lucky enough to be gifted an Oris 65 Divers Watch and it’s been my go-to dress watch for the past 2 years.

It still has the original leather strap and it’s got me quite a few mentions in the company of astute chronograph enthusiasts.

For more pictures I’ve done a couple of scrapbook posts, you can find one here.

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