Mid-May, 2019 Orlebar Brown launched a 007 collection. In episode 25 of From Tailors With Love Matt Spaiser from Bond Suits talks about the event.

Orlebar Brown 007 collection

Orlebar Brown 007

David Zaritsky of The Bond Experience brought a group of influencers to the New York office to check out the line. There was a live stream through The Bond Experience.

Matt was gifted a few items from the collection and he showed them off in the YouTube video below.

From the same collection I was gifted a piped blouson towelling jacket (see below). This was inspired by the one James Bond wore in A View to a Kill.

Some would say this has since become my signature look and you can read about the origins of the jacket and towelling in a previous post here.

Orlebar Brown 007 jacket holding puppy

Me in my Orlebar Brown 007 jacket holding Roger when he was a puppy

That jacket has also come up for auction in the past and I have included a round up of my favourite James Bond collectibles on my hit-list. The original leisure suit was made by Fila.

Listen to the podcast

You can download the podcast (episode 25) and enjoy the full chat about the clothes. Available on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

Further Reading

Matt Spaiser did a write up on his gifted items from Orlebar Brown on his blog Bond Suits which you can read here.

Catch the unboxing of other pieces from the Orlebar Brown Heritage Collection in the video below. This is the latest collection currently as of October 2019

A View to a Kill is one of my favourite Bond films of all time and has inspired many of my travel destination choices.

You can read about my trip to Paris and my quest to find the road barrier that Bond drove through here. That article even prompted a letter from the Paris tourist information board.

Perhaps more famously was Chateau De Chantilly, the backdrop for Zorin’s headquarters. A beautiful place and one that your girlfriend might enjoy a little more.