TOM FORD – Snowdon TF237

Model: TF237 52N Colour: Red Havana/Dark Havana

Gangster style

Out of all my TOM FORD sunglasses I own, these are one of my two ‘go-to’ pair.

Worn by James Bond in the scenes in Rome, wearing his three-piece black herringbone suit, and black bridge coat, providing that classic, timeless style.

Here he is undercover as an Italian gangster but with a few classic Bond touches. The cocktail cuffs for one and the wayfarer style of sunglasses.

Tom Ford sunglasses

Purchase Date: Jan 2017 Purchase Price: £83.77

What’s in the box?

TOM FORD describe these as a “Soft squared acetate shape with metal T logo decoration”, these unisex sunglasses are currently available in two styles, a Black version and the Dark Havana (at the time I believe they were called Red Havana), in sizes 50 and 52. These TOM FORD sunglasses come in the standard brown box, felt case and polishing cloth.

Learn more about the style of James Bond in the book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, available on Amazon.

Current Price: £240

Go Boxless

I have photographed the Snowdon with a TOM FORD box to show you what you’d be getting. However, mine didn’t come with the box. In fact I got them on Amazon for a very low price, hence the missing box. I did get the TOM FORD case and cloth, which keeps the glasses in good conditions.

When I rotate sunglasses, I put the pair I’m not using in the box. I was lucky, but at the time felt confident with the seller and was happy not having the box to save 50% of the price!

Tom Ford sunglasses

Tom Ford Snowden Sunglasses from Spectre

They can go for miles

I really do get a lot of mileage from these sunglasses. I think they look really smart, mostly I wear these with a suit of smarter casual outfits. They fit my face well, they feel secure; they don’t feel like they’ll fall of my face.

Tom Ford sunglasses

Some Maintenance

Every now and then, the arms get loose. This is because of the screws holding the arms to the frame unscrew themselves. So, I have to get a very small screwdriver and tighten up the arms.

For maintenance it’s not horrendous. I have probably only had to tighten them up two or three times since owning them. If you don’t have a small enough screwdriver, an optician will probably sort you out for free.

Review by Daniel Gaster. Follow Daniel on Instagram here.

Where to buy?

NOV 2020: Sunglasses available to buy from the Tom Ford website.

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